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Latest Fidget Cube zu is the account are counted to the Xianzu body. Twelve witch ancestors of the unyielding roar, opened the entire witch revenge fairy door, Youyuan magic witch, feel the call of the twelve fidget cube similar emperor, as comprehension for those who will always be fairy dream, Xian who also received twelve witch dream, let them attack Wonderland. Wonderland and Pro Wonderland is two different levels of the environment, but Wonderland and Pro Wonderland is closely related, once the wonderland was broken, six Royal Daji into sleep, which led to latest fidget cube the great catastrophe fidget cube purchase of heaven and earth, Into the river, as the game announced the big announcement, which opened a killing and war of the era. Fang latest fidget cube Zhongshu latest fidget cube into the gateway to the door when the door, finally understand why later he entered the game, the master of the game will be so low large brick tiles later broke the ancestral witch stage, but did not trigger Twelve witch ancestors unyielding roar, because this task has long been triggered toy fidget cube shop a year ago, that is, Fang Zhongjie not into the game that year. Trigger s name is about Mo Nei , because the twelve witch ancestral song of the post, that is. this guy sent out, where to get twelve witch a.will not shrink, how much outside, when it is inside how much. Therefore, it is impossible to put a mountain into the natural thing, but can not put the huge body of the monster into the body, not that can not be received, but will take up too much space. Everything is known as the vulgar thing, because it doe. s not contain Reiki, comprehension for those who need latest fidget cube herbs, materials, and then low level contain a certain amount of Reiki, and the vulgar is not able to latest fidget cube carry, it touches can be placed in the storage bag Storage bag space is limited, and storage magic can not be stacked placed, which is not related to the level of goods. Ghost drums ancestors died after the fall of several storage bags, and Fang latest fidget cube Zhongjie now also on the waist several storage bags, just like the grenades is the same, because the storage magic can not be superimposed Civilization is indeed Guards, always able to create stunned self cultivation items, such as caravan transport vehicles, not only can be manned, but also can be loaded. Even the immortals are often run to repair the real territory of stealing wine, which shows that many things are still worth a lot of things, such as gorgeous je.

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ble to know the formula. But the system and fidget cube mexico how to know there is latest fidget cube a guy reborn, actually know the recipe for building Kidan it To know that a formula required at least dozens of herbs, the more advanced immortality, in the herbs fidget cube halifax need more, there is no reminder of the formula, it is easy to miss the same, the result is the alchemy failed. Although there are some unforgettable skills, and some of the memories of later generations will emerge, but Fang Zhongzhong in the later generations is not a genius, let alone what memory Superman, to write down the formula Kidan Dan, or because he was really won This formula, which continue to manufacture this Dan access to the interests latest fidget cube of the game, over time, the formula to keep in mind. The formula will not appear in. the form of the recipe, recipe in addition to record the latest fidget cube weight of various herbs, the most important function is to identify the existence of the formula of herbs to know the reality of the players are mostly regardless of the grain, to them in the latest fidget cube wild Looking for herbs, it is no different from the needle in a haystack, so the role of the formula is to remind the player, there latest fidget cube are formulations in the vicinity of th.the cave disciples up to thousands of people, and finally a retrospective Huang cave master to anger. This is a retreat Huang cave master called back to the wild , is a Gangcheng mid term master, is the second master Huang Gui, is also the gold medalist thieves this person is two meters tall, whole body muscles, fighting all To all kinds of poison as latest fidget cube a striker, the emergence of others, that is, filled with air between the stench, although the poison led the array, but the back of the field is pure fidget cube instagram spirit of fighting. Fang Zhongshu naturally not his opponent, thanks to the opportunity to see him early, eye catching eye catching only after playing a hit, was seriously wounded, and finally with the help of two spiritual pet, only to escape, an. d latest fidget cube two Ling Chong is also seriously wounded, by the heavy injury, as long as not immediately hang, but also in a short time to recover. But the treatment of other people s injuries, but the need latest fidget cube for immortality formula, Ling pet injury is no formula, and now can not trigger the double needle diagnosis of surgery , it is not heartache to open this surgery requires 10 million top grade Lingshi, but This will consume a lot of his robbery, the need to create token and other items. Into the secre. t room, in the most declining place in the input of spiritual power, there will be a light circle, into which, you latest fidget cube can hear the system prompts, has entered the 36. secret, will be the form of team activities Zhongjie life and death do not want to be captain, a large piece of brick is not willing to, the fate of the wanted and very sad reminder was pulled out when the captain. The captain fidget cube retail price has no priority, the game has no experience distribution, equipment allocation settings, just let the team players, in the battle will not appear accidental injury situation, but also to ensure that the presence latest fidget cube of spies in the team Team, you can pull out a teammate chat channel, but need to pay each player a top grade Lingshi, as long as the secret, no matter how far, can communicate with each other, no longer need thousands of miles of notes, hang the players automatically exit Team, ten seconds was kicked out of the secret. There are three major customs clearance, the first mark there are three small off, respectively, beginning to close off , combat off , seeking investigation , shape of.

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Latest Fidget Cube ght the attack with a soul attack. Fang Zhongshu very carefully appreciate the changes in matrix method, he did not make any drive, only the spiritual power into the matrix method, so that matrix method can run, and the whole matrix method and he is closely linked, So that the whole wind crushed to produce ubiquitous soul att. ack, so that caught in the array of mutilated birds screaming again and again. To be the whole matrix of the miracle of all the experience, the Housing on the operation of the law to drive the crane pot , the crane suddenly powerful power, before the soul of the attack increased crane attack is a pull , It is constantly pulling the demon bird s mind, once the soul was pulled out, it will be confined to the kettle, repair and then rub, because there is no body, but also can not break out of the. In the room under the full application of the next, the demon bird s soul finally Kangbu Zhu, which was inhaled by the kettle, and Fang Zhongshu felt a burst of emptiness, which is spiritual power consumption giant brought the feeling Proof, matrix method to maintain and drive, it really is the most consumption of spiritual power of things, toy fidget cube if not matrix.ands of miles of transmission, which proved that the ancient painting is still quite a man, on the one hand owed Zhongren, and on the other hand to Fang Zhong Leaving the impression that people will not suffer. Fang Z. hongsuu naturally not polite, thousands of miles of this thing although there are selling everywhere, but now the world of poor people rampant, can not afford to hurt ah Taoyuan Qi, with the gas with branches, players will be in 10 seconds to team into the form of Taoyuan secret, captain fate wanted, countdown began. System prompts. Fate can be purchased from the professional players where the secret entrance information, the rest of the region s high end players can naturally, in the house of seven Benling players into the game, the latest fidget cube rest of the region also have players into the peach secret The chance of meeting quite low, and when entering the secret, the players are left on the peach mark, to ensure that when they come out, is still in the Xiling, rather than being random to other areas. Peach Blossom Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious Mysteri.

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