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Fidget Cube Za whiz , three fireworks in the location of the three directions, and then exploded and opened, the days of evil eyes to see the three shares with huge Buddha spiritual attack spell, and air stability Floating Aura hit together, the air of the aura by the five categories of fireworks dark Buddhist curse, one by one consumption of clean. Each place of the Aura thickness is different, the thinner place, Reiki gathered more slowly, and this secret territory of Aura is not high concentration therefore, was five kinds of dark Buddhist fireworks consumption to aura After the surrounding air there is no Aura the. re, which makes the days of evil eyes can be more carefully and carefully observe the surrounding airflow fluctuations. Days of evil eyes suddenly startled, Fang Zhongzhong overjoyed, along the day that caused the fidget cube za towering eyes of the ground to fly over, this step fidget cube marketing a swept, immediately triggered the start fidget cube za of a large array, but Fang Zhongjie firm Down, after a large array fidget cube kicks and quiet down this represents the first step is to take the first step is correct, otherwise the formation will continue to run until the death of the array or the formation was broken, or array Aura.whole body are covered by golden light, you can only choose a secret, and only one time to kill the secret The Lord s chances. We still team into it, I heard a lot of people want to swallow, the result was the secret of the Lord to kill. No. 1 secret of the main strong, rookie list ranked eighty have been hung up. When it comes to the rookie list, it seems like between the crane, about Mo, large tile and other guys, long no news. Lin Wond. erland five domain, the players enthusiastically go to their respective taskment NPC team, to take the task of attacking the secret of the main task, this task appeared in a decade ago and this task appears, they received the martial art notice, then, More and more players, to accept the task into the No. 1 to 57, the secret, loo. king for the main body of the secret attack. But no fidget cube za matter which number of the secret of the Lord, there are many means, and in addition to the main secret of the 1st, the rest of the territory of the main use of the spell with some of them from the martial art of the players are very similar The martial art of the players to assert that if you can kill these with their own seeming.

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, As it is said, life and evil, it naturally abide by the rules of the sea family, did not fidget cube groupon live in the seabed but to find a island to live. The old nest is to take the natural to play, but Kuangjiao it is playing but that repair comprehension, desperation, Kuangjiao sneaked into the seabed out of their usual collection of good things, will swallow into the belly before to meet fidget cube real Fang fidget cube za Zhong, please Fang Zhongshu hand rescue Fang Zhongshu s repair than Kuangjiao low on a file, he is now a child in the midst of injury, and Kuangjiao is really Hong infant later. Ten Gang real Gang, a evil three real Gang, Fang Zhongzhong is the medium term, Kuangjiao is late, between the. two alone from the repair, the room is low on a file, but the difference is not very Large therefore, Fang Zhongzhong to rely on a lot of supernatural powers, the Kuang Kau service, the other is the identity fidget cube za of the room management room, but also to Kuang. jiao have scruples. However, Fang Zhongshu had all kinds of supernatural changes, fidget cube insider playing Kuang Jiao very admire, or it certainly will not obediently pay the tolls, not evil does not mean Kuangjiao is good siren, there are benefit.this host installed a simple version of fidget cube hong kong the monitoring center software, to reflect the room in the game in some of the situation. Of course, these are insignificant situation, the game company, but strict information, images and other things leaked, but at least these things, to show Fang Zhongzhong work attitude is serious. Deputy governor did not take long after a young man probe the brain appeared in the door, Fang Zhongjie see, smiled and said hello, this person and he is a neighbor that dormitory old old, but everyone There is a separate room, the room is about 70 fidget cube za square meters, a person living, it is also spacious. Ho is interested in turning a huge game room to circle, while turning and asked Zhong Zhong comrades, this is the game room ah Hejie comrades, this is the legendary game room. Fang Zhongshu laughed, and then fidget cube toys r us again with the deputy magistrate said the words repeat it again to hear his eyes gleaming eyes, and said he was saving money to buy games Helmet, if fidget cube vat19 you buy, to the Housing Zhong said the predecessors a lot of care. Fang Zhongsu is naturally patted chest that wood problems. Move things, treat dinner and other fidget cube za expenses cons.ll not let a large block of brick exclusive, they only know that the room has Xianqi, do not know There are three as many, that this is the only one. Boom. One after another of the spiritual power of the sound of the sound of each other, Fang Zhongshu with Zijin Wu Sheng in the air dozens of consecutive fight with the bucket, only to stabilize the stature, despite the full defense, then the Gang Gang off evil Is not unfounded twenty players together fidget cube release to attack, the room played even spit mouth blood, repair to fall into the middle of the baby, and Zijin Wu Sheng miserable, directly hit seriously injured, repair for the fidget cube za fall To the beginning of the building base. Shagang body is only reflec. ted in the Yuan Ying period, once the fall of Yuan Ying, then there is no Gang and the body of the body said that all the players in the fidget cube za repair of the Yuan Ying are the same starting line in the same line. Hurriedly stuffed a pill to the Zijin Wu Sheng, this will be thrown into a secret in the secret forest, Fang Zhongzhong running Crane God needle tactics, and soon will be his wound healing Said that this Crane God needle tactics on the role of others smaller, but the Housing Zhong.

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Fidget Cube Za ao Jin, who would bully you, just like brother said, brother must kill him off zero, your gods have a wooden, no words, brother Give you a package you still lack a magic weapon, though, that the gossip will give you to get, lack of law tactics, although said, brother certainly can help you get the hand. Brother, I really come to you to carry the frame ah Purple Wu Wu silly said. Fang Zhongshu stunned for a long while after shouting bastard ah, brother rea. lly reveal the truth, you Ah really come to me fidget cube za to fight, walk, which is not open eyes dare you, you take you Off him. Zijin Wu Sheng is still very worried. before you can not move room Zhong, came to happen to see Fang Zhongzhong in carrying the robbery, in order to let Fang Zhongshu shot to help him fight, he naturally make every effort to help, but fortunately he came in time , Otherwise this pair of dragon boat is certainly a game. The thirteenth section of fidget cube za the northern domain of the bow Qian Kun diverted to heaven fidget cube za into the double dragon boat, from the main material dragon , deputy fidget cube za material million years of steel, million years of grass, million years of mysterious iron, years sandalwood.o call out is Crane shaped mysterious warfare technology , but unfortunately the baby is not cast out Fang Zhongjie then called , The baby still did not comprehend, Fang Zhongshu greatly anxious, although the failure to understand the fidget cube za failure will not affect the gods fidget cube toy stress relief and the gods are also melee, but there is no war with the skills of the gods, combat effectiveness can be bad days do not. Days of evil eyes failure, wonderful tears failure, Chivalrous ice array failure. , Fang Zhongsu was beaten some panic, ghosts of God actually the soul of the soul to call out This technique is out, the god baby suddenly Guangmang four sprinkle, the whole god like a very deep Buddhist monk, a look of solemnly read the soul of the return of Xi, soul Come Come Come. Your gods comprehend the spirit of the soul, this operation into the three Buddha accumulation of the curse, three body is the body, body, incarnation, your god baby into a Buddha god. Fang Zhongshu cry, he is purely Ye Ye ah, not Buddha, Nima s. But it i. s impossible to delete it, unless the gods to destroy, it is naturally impossible, through the Shen Ying comprehend this step, to reach the most cr.

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