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Fidget Cube Wiki hong Struggling to get the time thousa. nd crane ice array successfully cast out, but in the moment out, was mudman Wang hammer to break up, this result to Fang Zhongjie see some hair silly. This bit of mud people just Gang early strength, how could a hammer will Chiba ice array break it Consumption of a lot of spiritual power to display thousands of ice array, not only did not fidget cube wiki trapped the enemy, but to make themselves into a more unfavorable, Fang Zhongshi some sad reminder, with two Ling pet helpless landing, and then turned and ran. Clay figurines do not chase, howling roar, the hands of the giant hammer toward the ground a hit, the ground crack crack, crack at a very fast pace toward the house to chase, Fang Zhongshu before landing is the kind of invisible pressure to suppress And the next, not his own willing to land and this invisible force to suppress the moment there, so that even if he can not jump up at this time, seeing that crack caught, desperation, had to come back to stand around Around the dozens of mysterious gangs into a crane shaped Xuan gun. And then in the clay figurines again howling, to avoid the location of the location of Fang Zhongshu statio.t, look at Fang Zhongsu dress, should belong to some small money people. Money is not money, Bai Changqing do not care, he is concerned about the Housing Zhongjie this person, people say that phase from the heart, looks strange people must be peculiar, if accidentally kicked iron, white long clear do not want Fell in the face therefore, did not find the house in the end of the time when the white long clear and do not want to talk with Fang Zhongshu, drink fidget cube wiki the whole bottle of red wine, is prelude. Fang Yi pushed into the door, a look at the background of Fang Zhongzhong, the world is small, the development of things is always so unpredictable always wanted to see Fang Zhong see. their family, but not I thought that Fang Zhongshu had met with his brother. Fang Zhongshu heard the door when the sound did not look back, Fang Changqing think his sister here is not convenient, so get up to let Fang Yi out, but unexpectedly a key step forward, stuck the vampire aristocratic neck, the sound Also with grievances cursed Fang Zhongshu. you do not have the conscience of the bastard. Fang Zhongshu followed Lu hill is not white mix, Fang Yi s hand just wrapp.

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and seven players were trapped in the various positions in the array, and did not focus together, but they are very consistent shut up did not speak, they are not with those who did n. ot talk with the crane Is not very familiar, but certainly not unfamiliar, between the child is what the child nature, they are very clear, in the room when the crane ridicule fidget cube ad ridicule, it is best not to fidget cube wiki talk, otherwise the crane will be more proud of the crane. It is impossible to hang up, unless they make anger between the action of the crane, or then the crane began to mention the conditions, but this dog s mouth is a mouthful of one hundred million top grade Lingshi temper, So that the presence of the players are very sad reminder. Sure enough, two hundred and seven minds have just arrived here, I heard between the crane child said, one million Lingshi, and then back to each home, find the mother. Alas. Players collectively sigh fidget cube wiki and then continue to silence. If you do not want to be revenge, but a person s strength is always limited, perhaps There are times with these people. To know that the two hundred and seven players, on behalf of the whole game more than 23 million online pla.treasures 9, the opportunity to produce a system with the ability to boost the magic weapon, the use of conditions Yuan Ying , this tactic to display a show, Fang Zhongjie body buy official fidget cube spirit is like flood out Chung, with the spiritual power and tactics continue to cooperate with the display, a pure s. piritual force condensate into the device table in front of Fang Zhongzhong. Wiping the head of the sweat, Fang Zhongzhong took out the top grade Lingshi fidget cube next day delivery began to recover the spiritual power has been bottomed out, a full consumption of one million of the top grade Lingshi, will only condensate Shen Shen Shen repair the spiritual power Full repair is so high, but also with spiritual stone to add spiritual fidget cube evangelist power, this is the real prodigal ah But the spirit of the system has emerged, and then to buy the added spiritual power of the immortality, in time is too late, the spirit of the device only three months of use, after the expiration of the virtual, and it Still can not move. Because it is. to create their own magic weapon, so the need for spiritual power device Taiwan, if you want to produce the magic weapon sold to others, you can not use the spirit of.ut the room to death, Nima s, this is really bad luck, a full three thousand seven One hundred Actually only hatch 20 bighead bighead carp, what is this character This is the residue character. Bighead bighead carp, animal beast monsters, fish head, snake body, four tail, length eight thorns, body length of eight meters wide and three meters, can spray the water column, avoid water. Ling pet big sale, Ling Chong big sale, ah, through the passing do not miss, playing the monster to the power of the most pet pet, monster hundred r. anked 15 bighead bighead carp, do not sell Lingshi only sell the ocean, each one million ocean , Cheap ah, tearful big sale. Real time auction window suddenly jump out of this string of information, the auction window is only for the players hanging item. s, the system will be based on the player to shoot the items to make the location adjustment, to avoid some rookie players, the good things to sell low Because of this feature, the players most like to do is to get their own booty, hanging up to see where to be able to row. Of course, the system certainly do not want to be regarded as an expert, want to hang items on.

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Fidget Cube Wiki Fang Zhongjie and Li Jing s relationship is very good, soaring, must first go to hold Li Jing s thigh, to avoid just soaring fidget cube wiki Was reincarnated by their own enemies. Because no later people soaring success, immortal death what punishment, Fang Zhongjie is unclear, in fact, once he soared success, the advantage. s of rebirth on the survivors later, but no who have crossing the robbery success, Fairy territory what good things, he is also I fidget cube vs do not know, want to become immortal not only to cope with numerous enemies, but also to accept the unknown future of the game, Fang Zhongzhong feel his life is dark. desk toy fidget cube sale Figure rushed back and forth, Bailong see Fang Zhong out of their own waters, proud of the sky long shouts, Longuan, such as waves around the spread and open, Fang Zhongjie fidget cube wiki Although retreat, but still did not avoid the long Longning ear, eardrum, such as acupuncture fidget cube by christmas like pain, fidget cube replica fidget cube wiki the brain is a burst of dizzy, Crane God heart heart automatically run, a strong self healing function, the dizziness of the negative effects immediately eliminated. The two souls fidget cube official swearing his head in the beach to walk, as drunk people fidget cube wiki in general, took dozens of steps fidget cube wiki after the curve, thump, fell, Fang Zhongji a burst of egg pain, this day of evil gas is not actually in the deep forests, but in the mortal living in the city, really Ma Ma pit father ah Fang Zhongzhong at this time it is doubt that the post is indeed fictional, and that the authenticity of the post when he crossed, did not get confirmed, and now see the field, this suspicion naturally deepened a lot. Every gang or evil, are once immortal soaring places, comprehension of the world s mountains and r. ivers continue to change, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago immortal places, now has been beyond recognition the world s top ten martial art Of the hills can be built pseudo Dongfu or pseudo blessed land, the reason is that their ancestors, are in the mart. ial art of fidget cube silent immortality. And the world s top fidget cube wiki ten martial art is not static, and now the world s top ten, it is quite new, the martial art of the inheritance may have tens of thousands of years or longer, fidget cube wiki but become the world s top ten, but are nearly ten thousand years of things Longer before the world s top ten, perhaps there, may have disappeared in the comprehension of history. Fang Zhongshu look.

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