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Fidget Cube Vs Clicky Cube rs have invited. Is talking, tour Yiling Palace received the disciples came to respectfully said. , Fang Zhongshu with the player said the sound of the other, followed by the disciples toward the tour Yiling Palace gate walk. Section 9 second This is where the martial art school ah That with Fang Zhongzhong played half day fart players touched his head whispered. Fang Zhongshu that their own crane camp with fidget cube vs clicky cube a large scale, it is because he was in the future into the Dongzhou martial art is the same size, that Dongzhou martial art did not squeeze into the world s top t. en, but also the top ten Dazzling watch the size of the tour Yiling Palace, Fang Zhongshu know that they are fidget cube vs clicky cube sitting in the view of the river, the size of the crane is at best the size of the regional pie, with the world s top ten to send the size of the door, there is still a certain gap. How far the tour Ling Palace, Fang Zhongjie naturally do not know, he only know the tour Yili Palace very atmospheric, which he sat from the seven small Chuan Songzhen, but also see a lot of medium sized Chuansong Zhen come to the conclusion The need to Chuan Chuansong Zhen, and is not through umbrella, will tilt the heavy rain blocking the fidget cube vs clicky cube same, the formation of blue streamer turbulence, although the fidget cube vs clicky cube scope of the larger, but more than three thousand more than self cultivation, then the words can also be comprehensive Move forward blue streamer is constantly being wasted. Fang Zhongshu a person s time, but also can not detect the flow of light to disappear speed, but thousands of people with the words, the blue flow of the disappearance of the trail can see the speed of the naked eye disappeared with the blue stream of light continue to disappear , Which enveloped the wilderness of the land is also slowly showing up, when all the fidget cube december wild openly revealed, the whole streamer was cracke. d. Although the streamer is broken, Fang Zhongshu is no joy, fidget cube marketing because it can be so easy to crack, that the insider did not personally command a large array, or those blue streamer will not unconscious scurry thousands of NPC Comprehension for those who still fidget cube vs clicky cube guard the way, will Fang Zhongzhong group protection, but they did not say anything, which let Fang Zhongzhong mind certain. If the NPC did not speak out, indicating that the insult still hiding in the vicinity of somewher.

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ed in spiritual power, Fang Zhongzhong still unconsciously sucking the nose, this bird is really too cold, fidget cube vs clicky cube and do not know how the master of the Tang Man Why would you find such a cold place to hide it Or love hurt her too much, she had no warmth in her heart, but she did not fidget cube december want to admit that she was cold, so she found a colder place for self deception. Comprehension of the ability to really sturdy, in such a cold and partial place, actually can also be in the top of the snow capped mountains to build a huge house, the materials used are all famous stone and wood Courtyard, all the snow to resist the outside, Fang Zhong can not help but think, over the years to maintain such a formation, the need to consume the Lingshi how much Through the formation into the courtyard, the warmth of the spread throughout the body, as in the fidget cube vs clicky cube greenhouse, Fang Zhongzhong removed his protective cover, comfortable out of breath, you are too cold place, if not my friend. ship with you I can not come. Boo. Tang Man put up his index finger to Fang Zhong fidget cube vs clicky cube silence. Fang Zhongshu shrugged, followed by Tang Man into the courtyard behind, where actually placed a blue plant, it seems that both me., the water immortality is the dynamic state of the secret, which are the prisoners were imprisoned up comprehension, his ice crane king is a comprehension of the gods After the break up the formation of the and the Lich Cave secret environment, it belongs to the dead dynamic secret, it and before encountered the water immortality whether it is the internal layout of the secret, or secret guardian, are very different. Fang Zhongshu not afraid of the Lich Cave, this secret in the later known as the most terrible one of the ten secret, but its ranking only in the tenth, and Fang Zhongzhong as a famous rebirth, he knew the fidget cube vs clicky cube secret territory A lot of secrets therefore, he is not worried that he was locked in this secret, or must be killed to refining the gas period, will be kicked back to the fairyland system. But at this time, Fang Zhongshu very tangled, tangled reason is that together with the mysterious heavenly enemies kicked into the Bilian Liang Chen I do not know is not the secret of the air is good, the temporary fairyland beauty and force both female comprehensio. n NPC, actually their own to the wound to cure, but after the injury of the Bi Lan Liang Chen, like., digging the line is very accurate, their spiritual power and their fidget cube vs clicky cube own heart is there Contact dug a long time, and finally feel the fidget cube with buttons front of the fidget cube vs clicky cube resistance of a loose, and the. n collapse of the wall soil, the degree of justice was Zijin Wu Sheng a push, directly channe. ling up, the whole head drilled into the hole, but unfortunately that hole Too dark, can not see, justice on the rejection of a move of the magic of lighting, thrown fidget cube vs clicky cube into the fidget cube vs clicky cube hole. Lighting spells thrown into the hole and no big reaction, the two brothers are at ease, have that hole spread a little bigger, get a go after the only hand carrying picks drill into the hole, by the lighting The magic of the weak light, looked at this space, about 30 square meters of space, the central side of a very strange urn. Take a look, the urn on the engraved with three classical, justice actually recognized the ancient text, smashed the mouth that funeral urn. After reading, the two brothers were shocked, wow cried, have turned back, and then Found a reaction from too much, after each Tucao some, but also conspire to the funeral before the urn. Zijin Wu Sheng hand to lift the urn cover, the.

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Fidget Cube Vs Clicky Cube ven out of martial art. May be said to have dropped from the first to the tenth, certainly a lot of players are willing to quit to the door. If anyone think so, then he must be a novice, and even if the rookie, in the martial art from the first was reduced to the tenth, hear the message prompts, the martial art has been a lot of tasks, t. hese tasks and let the martial The first relationship. No one is born of the rich, which martial art is not from the beginning is a large martial art, Bilan Yao Chi Court decline, this martial art players to add more fighting tasks if you can personally put their own martial arts to hold up, it will be What a sense of accomplishment Fang Zhongshu had wanted to hold his own martial arts, that time, he was very hard and impulsive, but unfortunately, the reincarnation of the emperor told him that the crane camp can never become a big faction, let alone become the world s largest faction The Since then, Fang Zhongjie lost his own goal of the game life, resulting in him since the East has been traveling like a rootless level, so that can have a strong goal of the game life struggle is also a very happy The room is now full of energy, in.brick brick look resolutely said. Female players break the tears and laugh, bastard. Finally get rid of the situation of fidget cube noise courtship, large pieces of brick hurried all the way to fly, met male players did not avoid, it fidget cube vs clicky cube is tough to let these male players all back, met female players, looks so beautiful as a mouse to see The cat turned Hot! fidget cube toy around and ran so run for fidget cube for only $9.9 a few months, and finally arrived at the ground, loo. king for a place to fall down, this time after the time, a silhouette quickly swept fidget cube vs clicky cube toward the side, because of its speed, Brick can not see each other s face, fidget cube black and green but with the body, should be Xiaxue Wanjun that mothers, large pieces of brick shouted loudly, sharp shot to move toward the air hit, while the body out of the sky. That female players did not expect to be ambushed, screaming, some panic under the defense of the cloth surgery, but simply could not stop the block tiles of the attack, screams toward the ground down , Do not see that drop of female players, Sa Yazi turned away. Tell you to inquire about a message, actuall. y there are wrong, engage in what Large tile sound is very angry to send a note, the other soon return to the ch.

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