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Fidget Cube Toy ng Palace is the emergence of five knots Dan disciples, mirror Zen out of the three knot Dan disciples, virtual clear gas out of the two, the more tune Jianming Court 2, Panjin Yuan Jianmen 1, the river armor sent a 1, Yu Zhou Yuhua House 2, Qionghai fog eaves sea fidget cube toy 1. This strength is the most powerful natural Yiyi Ling Palace, but the tour Yiling Palace s five disciples fidget cube youtube are divided into two groups, a group of all female players a total of three, the other group is two male players Fang Zhongshu heard the tour Yi Ling Palace players between the dirty, see the two male players, guess which one is certainly a bad good home, this guy heard that the. wheel was rice, did not expect to climb i. s quite fast. Section 13 next Fate wanted to be a man, got up to talk to those players to discuss, Fang Zhongshu pulled him said Please anyone can, is not allowed to travel Yiling Palace three girls, or buddy do not go. This task can not fidget cube toy be received, Fang Zhongzhong is the focus, look at the sky and sit the players, all did not go down with Yu Min set, it should be very clear Yu people s character, know that there is no trigger the conditions of the task, Yu Mi.can devour the spirit of poisoning, so that the spirit of the air without the power of resistance, if the poisoning time fidget cube toy over an hour, then the body meridian consolidation, blood circulation stagnation, death. Section 5 Drugs Can create a law of 6 orders of poison, Yunhezi is quite proud, but by his disciples of the sentence, hit the mask and go away. Master ah, if you can make the immortality of the law 6 order, we developed. Do not say 6 order, you are out of. the third order of immortality, we do not have to suffer ah The disciples of the poison tongue called bullying Division off the ancestral order. Invincible ghost face slope. Wind blowing fart cool and wind blowing crotch cool together standing on the foot of the foot, the slope fr. om the sand made of solid, sand on the sand countless, fidget cube toy repair with a refining in the 13, they are discussing is not up to explore some Meng fidget cube now this wind blowing crotch cool a lying on the ground, followed by a fidget cube toy twisted body turned into white light disappeared and disappeared, fidget cube release date the ground want to buy fidget cube only to stay into the secret, the division fidget cube toy door to send its storage ring. Wind blowing fart Liang see this scene, raised his hand and.

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all pig s secret where to own The master actually play this tricks, Fang Zhongshu bitter face to refuse, Lu Xiaoshan a Fang Zhong do not want to, his face showing a cruel smile. Fang Zhongshu hit a shiver, was about to say fidget cube unboxing I am willing, the body has been from the ground, followed by fidget cube midnight a drop of Lu hill, covered with bones scattered on the floor tragic howl. I go, I go. See Lushan also wrestling, Fang Zhongjie heard the fidget cube toy pain and shouted. Lu Xiaoshan heard satisfied with the clapping his hand, pull the room up, and then frowned looked fidget cube europe at the whole body is dusty Fang Zhongzhong, I do not know what the mind turned, turned and ran into the room, remove a clothing cover, The clothes cover, the original is a suit. Whether it is in this life or later, Fang Zhongshu are fidget cube toy not through the suit, not to mention tie, as the suit is what brand, he is not clear but the clothes feel feels good, plus Shanglu hill this person seems to some backing, Fang Zhongzhong estimated that this suit certainly expensive. I go to you on behalf of each other, this suit on my myself Fang fidget cube how to adhd Zhongshi shouted. Lu Xiaoshan smiled and nodded, and then come up with two sets, go. to you, tut, put on this suit, y.l. ater knowledge at this time reflect the value of some strange things, other players may not know its value, said realtor will know, so it actually did a very prosperous business. With more and more sophisticated news came, Fang Zhongshu no longer hurry, in an invitation to a mulberry, into a valley, it is mulberry fine refining places and then, will own things to sell all Put out, of course, the heart of the monster can not be no, Fang Zhongsuu placed crane robbery sound array , the items on the array, the formation did not start, the strange people can freely access, if there are those who do not mind, it will be triggered immediately, which was trapped in the array. In addition to building Kidan big sale, the chrysanthemum wine is also very popular, Fang Zhongshi slightly think about it, this chrysanthemum wine is also a plant, no help to him, the plant population of the strange, but it is some help Secretly asked the host family mulberry fine, mulberry fine down did not hide, bluntly this wine can help him quickly restore spiritual power. Chrysanthemum wine in the herbs will be under the efforts of the birds, already have a lot of stock, Fang Zhongzhong with o.the law to inform the Housing Zhong, the murals of the space is it will change. Fang Zhongshu from the later forums that the relevant information, he knew the information when the fidget cube quiet thirty six mural has long been cracked clean, naturally not clear, in the snow house, can not mention the law of cracking, otherwise Frescoes will change therefore, he thought that the opponents of thinking there are unusual people, refused to crack the law to tell him. South six murals in the treasures of the treasures is the mouth of the mysterious iron pot. , this pot called mysterious pot , can not be used to cook rice or eat hot pot, its use is to produce mysterious fire In the table is a square table, the table called diversion of the square table , this table can not fidget cube 6 sided eat dinner, can desktop toys fidget cube not be used to put pot bowl, it can produce four space mouth, the object for short distance Diverted. Glass waterfall waterfall, three feet of Wu Yang disk, mysterious hot pot, diverted square table, the fou. r treasures were Yinghui one by one placed in the top of the painting, with Ying Hui hit a variety of fingerprints Nine adversaries are also scattered around the top of the pa.

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Fidget Cube Toy ng back. Big Brother, destroy them, I support you. Want to fidget cube toy hear Fang Zhongjie self reported home, followed by secretly followed, and hidden up the crane to send players, all of a hula ran out, excited shouting Nima s, see the first dragon, the master cloud Crane all day hanging in the mouth of the disciples, the crane to send legal disciples, rookie list of the first big brother, finally appeared. Bastard, you are just a junior, the matter to your head to come. Zhao Fa sent to fidget cube midnight listen to Fang Zhong said to destroy his faction, naturally furious, but he is afraid of pan gold Jin Jian camp, so No immediate hands, just angry shouted. Fang Zhongshu no matter this move is not moving, he is not in the West Ridge all day, fidget cube toy his master was actually used as the words of abuse, their fidget cube toy young people were beaten in the gate if he is not angry, then later How to build a foothold Hezhou, how to attract more players to join, how to make the players to join the gang together. Ice and snow chill the whole mountain door, was locked into the mountains of the crane in the mountains of the fidget cube toy mountain, which is so Guards of the large array of shrouded, suddenly crashing, the gate rupture, a larg.i left, sigh, he did not know what to fidget cube toy sigh. In short, Fang Zhongzhong feel that their rebirth how so it is not happy Is ready to enter the game, suddenly heard a burst of pot knocking sound, and then upstairs buddy scared shouted fire friends, fire friends. Fang Zhongshu was shocked, rushed out of the room, tilted fidget cube release date his body slanting up the railings looked up, but see the thick smoke floating, more spark flashed Fang Zhongshu quickly returned to the room, picked up the quilt With the water dish, with the same floor of the buddy, rushed to the fourth floor. The fourth floor of a chaos, the fire of more than one room, actually three ro. oms with the same into the fire, the cause of the fire is temporarily unknown, the fourth floor of the ten buddies are rush to fire Fang Zhongzhong to his quilt toward a larger flame And then took the water tray rushed to the front Kuangpi, the results were next to a buddy pull open, said Fang Zhongshu, will not fire ah, take a plastic basin beat fire, see, are out. of the Fang Zhongzhong at this time only pay attention to their own basin has broken a big hole, and quickly threw away the basin, and shoulder to shoul.

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