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Fidget Cube Test orpses fell to Fang Zhongshu possession of the ancient trees, cross each leg to sit down, the fate of the wanted to take out a jade Jane, enter the spiritual power After the jade light from the light cast a map. The devil end of the Hung is hidden here. Destiny wanted to map the map said. The game is divided into comprehension for those who, demon, magic, three, comprehension for those who are on the order of immortal, immortal on the order of God, the echelon are based on comprehension for those who are also players of the fidget cube test echelon It is the beast, plants, ore and the top of the order, the scope of the devil is great, it is the buy official fidget cube death of comprehension for those who died after the formation of a large group of demons, ghosts are also a kind of magic. The corpse of the flowers looked carefully at the map of the jade, and as a snake in the state, he frowned for a long time, only with a very positive tone, said This map should be the territory of the feather mountain , Where the residence of the fidget cube test ancient survivors, in fact. is the demon village, all will fly the witch demon you say that the end of the holy devil, is it that the demon died after the death of the Because it.angrily left. Return to the crane to send the main hall to see a handsome face, fidget cube test Fang Zhongjie shouted, turned and ran, ah Later he was cut into eighteen of th. e chicks, once suddenly appeared in front of him, put Fang Zhonggui scared now he used the boulders pressed into the patties of the chick, actually also appeared in front of him, Was frightened Han Jingli some inexplicable looking at the fled of Fang Zhongzhong back, she fidget cube test had n. ot seen Fang Zhongzhong, the original Pan Jinyuan sword camp on the lively, she was not eligible to participate this time, her master took her Out of travel, but did not expect the place where the tour was so broken, is watching the crane house furnishings, they heard a cry, turned to see a back. Fang Zhongshu is trying to display a feathers of thousands of cranes spell when the birds leave the martial art, his fidget cube test master but told him by sending inside the messenger, do not run fidget cube demo around, good reception of Shimei this sent only within the martial The martial art can not, consumption of spiritual power is very small, convenient to send all over the door to contact. Teacher life can not be violated, Fang Zhongju had to sl.

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he network, so that things have been along the meaning of their development. Fang Zhongqian affected by the family growth environment, encounter things will not be emotional or too excited. he heard the car to use the relationship to detain him, laughed. I grabbed, who paid him three hundred thousand Fang Zhongchuan said. Lin Gongan smiled did not speak, Fang Zhongqian helpless, just look to Fang Zhongshu, Fang Zhongshu nodded his head, Fang Zhongqian got up with Lin Gongan downstairs, off here is certainly not work, The house of the motherland and its two sons will be chaotic therefore, Lin Gongan in accordance with the instructions, Fang Zhong moved to the county Public Security Bureau, follow up things, and he had nothing to do. Fang Zhongshu know this time anxious no use, the most direct way is to find the owner, to see if we can discuss, if not discuss down, but also had to find Lu hill to help, or find the director Kong Bing help, the two people Is he can borrow at this time on the fidget cube test network, and have a good relationship with him. The owner of the phone, but it is no one to take, Fang Zhongju had to go home with his parents say that he did not say that cousin was.of the statement, a probe and then enter the spiritual power, informed of the details of this item, through the demon mirror, no product no order, b. ut Communication props, can be directly linked with the demon family. And taught some of the things, a full talk about almost a fidget cube knockoff day, only said and busy go. Fang Zhongshu quickly slip out of the tour Yiling Palace, sometimes as a well known disciple is also very hard to force things in the degree of freedom on the relatively less, not like those ordinary nameless players, anytime, anywhere can run around, Do not need to worry about the NPC will be summoned and call. Yunhezi two daughters grow quite a water spirit, has entered the construction of the two small Shimei, although already several decades old, but still like a girl, no wonder female players are lamenti. ng if really can repair really like , Can keep the youth for a long time two Shimei Fang Zhongshu very fear, why fear This is to mention the Panjin Yuan Jianpai female disciples Han Jingli. Successfully squeezed out of Aristotle virtue, as Pan Jinyuan Jianpai chief disciple of Han Jingli, and Fang Zhongru Bing two small sister relationsh.king at fidget cube toy stress relief fidget cube test the gray sky, feeling the surrounding air in the thin spiritual power of the flow, This bird also dare to be known as fairyland Nima, and fidget cube edmonton only by the immortal to kill nowhere to hide the people, had to hide in this territory ah I have a question, Tai Chi Taiyang is one of the six Royal, but he has been secretly support the Wealth of the magic, you have to comply with his orders to invade the peach secret, I and the first time to meet the King Yan, also Is the banner of the name of the sun, can be between the ancestors of evil ancestors and hatred, then why is this Fang Zhongwen frowned asked. Eight witch devil looked at each other, you are the name of their own yang s flag and we set almost, but do not understand the link, which is not some too nonsense Later generations, about Mo Nei did not mention that he untied the twelve witch ancestors of the unyielding roar, into the Y. ouyuan magic environment of fidget cube invention the e. ncounter, but Fang Zhongzhong came to see eight witch all military look like, as long as not a fool, can See if they are not the same with the Housing is the old knowledge, it is estimated that Fang Zhongzhong in front of eight r.

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Fidget Cube Test t, a woman like a bird like snuggle object arms, and men because of the glory is no longer, rationality prevailed, began to think why do proposition. Fang Zhongshu before and after thinking about it again and found himself and Fang Yi, although in the recent period, contact more frequently, but it seems that did not show each other s favorite meaning, especially Fang Zhongsu himself, he is aware of thei. r own If that love, it is certainly not love Fang Yi, but if that like, but it is so little. The game in the house looks like no ordinary, but can not say handsome to dregs, but in reality because of his rebirth of the reasons. , his face is very pale, coupled with the rebirth of the total with some inexplicable fidget cube test temperament, making him the whole People look like a vampire like noble, there are some aristocratic atmosphere. Of course, Fang Zhongshu is grassroots, where he knows what the aristocracy is, he did not know because he has such a temperament, will let Fang Yi unconsciously fell in love with him, and willing fidget cube test to send their own small pig Let him enjoy. Section fidget cube test 9 under the red heart Eat people s small pig, naturally can not wipe the mouth.hension for those who believe fidget cube official sale that he is not much use and Fang Zhongzhong despite rebirth, beliefs and fidget cube test some Information, but it is not clear, he at this time as some of the time, because the ice is not looking for, and leisurely eggs out of pain. As the house of the robe on the lovers embroidered with a. lot of cranes, wild people will crane as the gods of the servants, and they are the servants of the gods, then claimed to be a crane or a crane, and ice with numerous cranes, the whole tribe Lin Zhongshu see after laughing, a long time did not find the depressions of the crane also some relief, although the ability of comprehension for those who are very strong, but a person s strength is always limited, so the room Zhong Zhong will be the crane crane to find things, entrusted to the crane people. At the same time, Fang Zhongshu will also own the crane to send the heart of the law Crane heart law, taught to the crane people, this crane heart and the crane heart fidget cube test is completely different Crane heart is the dust crane child left One of the items, was scattered repair Bihezi finishing out, and later the fourth generation of the head of the fall of the crane also finishing.

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