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Fidget Cube Shopping that there are many people with this idea is very fidget cube big sale much, but in fidget cube ratings the Dragon King s tears have not yet begun, the tour Yiling Palace sent a master stationed in the crane camp, prohibiting outgoing disciples into the crane camp, so there is the idea of the players can not enter the crane camp After a catastrophe opened, the entire Xiling are sinking into the fidget cube shopping sea, want to find the origin of the crane camp, also appears to be very difficult, so no one came to probe. Ten years ago, the Dragon King of the tears to eliminate the seawater receded, Xiling are busy reconstruction of the camp, the tour Yiling Palace naturally also temporarily forgot to send people to protect the crane camp door, which makes numerous Xiling players to explore the crane camp Get bad luck, they enter the game late, to the crane camp to explore the time is also late, more sad reminder is actually met Fang Zhongshu. The end of the natural do not need to express. , the two robbery players is Fang Zhongsu s opponent, but Fang Zhongzhong do not intend to give up here, the crane camps in the mountain forbidden, hidden a very important secret He Fu immortal memory Temporarily not yet how the South Henderso.n Zhuo mountain more strange, animal trace scarce, Fang Zhongshu just landed on the ground, to see a Miao Shu woman, sitting on the trunk, who dressed in veil, which is inside the vacuum, the chest that two Bumps looming, see the Housing Zhong stare, sigh comprehension really good Little son, where the wild side of the wilderness, slave family is very lonely, may be willing to speak with the slave family, to solve the lonely mountain The woman that slender legs a somersault, Fang Zhongzhong eyes suddenly protruding, Nima s Look at the black one Expand the Dan eye, see that the woman s body is a Suo hui grass , this grass is not fine when it is good, and now become fine, but it is to create high level bit of immortality medicine Suan Hui grass essence of the repair only for the end of fidget cube shopping Dan, courage is naturally strong fertilizer, hand a fidget cube china Yang, crane shadow mysterious needle toward the Kannao grass fine fly. Little son is not intimate ah Suan Lao grass quiet faint sigh, disappeared in the trunk, although she disappeared but it is diffic. ult to escape the room Zhongwen between the eyebrows between the Dan eye , such as the size of the golden eyes with the command of Fang.

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g to the birds. Fang Zhongshu come, let the birds suddenly rejoicing, high cried Master, only one, kill me to eat. To deal with a knot in the middle of the devil, Fang Zhongzhong naturally fidget cube shopping fear, went up to a spell split in the past, playing very heroic, straight to the devil fidget cube shopping against the devil, the devil naturally fidget cube ebay au quickly defeated Off the bird that sharp b. ird s mouth directly stripped the devil s abdomen, from. which to remove fidget cube shopping a magic Dan and then thrown to Fang Zhongshu, and then it rushed to the devil s eyebrows, after a while, the devil struggling to escape the soul Be destroyed by the birds eat clean and clean. Did not dare to delay the Housing Zhongchuan channeling into the Chuansong Zhen, and then sad reminder found that the Chuansong Zhen actually Reiki lack, endured the pain will be three top grade Lingshi into the array, get Reiki added Chuansong Zhen quickly run up, Fang Zhongshu spread to the Xiling of the light state. Xiling where the Gang and the days of evil Find the side, Fang Zhongzhong cross legged sitting on the ground began to search for memory, spent a full three hours and more, finally found the relevant information, which.fe Magic fly away, rush to chase, the more he chase, Qin Po bow fly faster, if he slowed the line, Qin bow is also very slow, the distance between the bow and the people not much, happened Is ten meters. Knot Dan in the soul can be stored within 2 magic, Yuan Ying put 5, the god of 10, Dacheng 20, crossing the robbery 50. Condensate Gang or condensate Yuan Ying, can be eligible to appoint their own magic weapon, Yuan Ying period 1 piece of my life, God 2, Dacheng 3, crossing the robbery 4. Fang Zhongzhong. more peculiar, he can appoint two yuan in the Yuan Ying magic weapon, the god of the period is 4, as Dacheng and crossing robbery, he has not risen to that stage, do not know in the end can have how many pieces of my life magic weapon. Benming magic and comprehension for those who are closely related to it in the game is actually will not fall items, will not fall, fidget cube 6 pack does not mean that will not be damaged, does not mean that 100 of the security , Refers to the death of items falling punishment, my magic weapon will not fall, but comprehension for the magic of the world strange, some powerful and have special means of comprehension for those who can grab other people.cooperate with Fang Zhongzhong things, nothing more than to kill things, and against the goal is the demon faction repair fidget cube how to use truth, Fang Zhongzhong did not ask why, he just nodded, so vigorous sailors continue to say. Every other time, the mariners will always come together, the reasons for a variety of parties, some of which together to fight the siren, some get together to get what, and some just a simple dinner and do not care about these siren this The meeting is why, I have some time ago to kill a siren, dropped an invitations, there are places where the North Sea Siren party. Coincidentally, I was in some time ago to get a thing, called lotus leaf Lotus Cup There are individual names known as kill the demon cup, is a very famous poison cup, you will not tell me, you are very coincidentally in some time ago, get this cup required demon dew recipe, and very coincidentally The collection of fidget cube add demon deer recipe on all the herbs, right Vigorous sailors admire watching Fang Zhongshu, between the crane Daoxiong really powerful, no wonder to vertical and horizontal throughout the fairyland, so learned, wal. king the whole comprehension of the world, to avoid a lot of unnece.

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Fidget Cube Shopping t Did not make a deal, and about Mo Nei is also doing Yuan Ying task, but his random task, was Fang Zhongjie to the first step to complete. After the call, the two sides feel no words to say, then waved his hand, flew in two directions flight process, Fang Zhongzhong brush out his second task, to the north evil state , looking for A man named Wu Xu Fang Zhongjie tangled, the most annoying is this tracing task, which represents the follow up plot to the future. This kind. of plot task needs to be on fidget cube fake vs real the spot, a choice is wrong, it is possible to make the task failed, the only advantage is that it is possible to get good things, and do not need to fight in the line in a nearby door down the door, and squatting In the gate of the door, observed for a long time, found a fidget cube online buy player disciple, quietly asked whether this can be used as a. Chiku Dan Chuan Chuan Chuan the cost. Each player within a year can be free to use the martial art Chuan Songzhen 10 fidget cube lad bible times, the number of times to run out on the need to pay, but the top ten disciples of the fidget cube shopping martial art is unlimited that player is obviously some accidents, he d still use the number of times, but no Think.Zhongshu ignore the poor, and finally, the corpses to 100,000 pieces of top grade Lingshi in exchange for their. own life. The twentieth chaos Players who are pursuing evil disciples, NPCs are naturally not idle, they must be those who master to withstand, or their disciples may be dangerous therefore, the entire Dongzhou everywhere are evil fidget cube shopping repair and Xiling, South Jiangmen people rush, and later Dongzhou players also joined in, southern Xinjiang and Xiling evil repair the destruction official fidget cube of the activities did not succeed, fidget cube shopping but did not fail, at least prove that they have the ability to carry out long range raid. fidget cube shopping The bigwigs are running to discuss how to continue to suppress the evil repair them, Fang Zhongjie in the state of the 100 states , met the art Jiao Jiao, the two have not talk, the ball did not know where to take the ball Came out from the back directly attack art Jiao Jiao art Jiaojiao simply no preparedness, was fidget cube shopping killed on the spot, and the ball in the ink to kill the art of Jiao Jiao Jiao, also smoothly to Fang Zhongzhong hit a spell. Fang Zhongshu also did not prepare, but he is higher than. the art Jiaojiao repair, although it is not.

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