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Fidget Cube Red not real Xianhe factions sent to the camp, is the crane and the crane cranes sorted out, the two are scattered repair, Bihezi get some of the items of dust crane, some of them are dust Son of the daily jade Jane, popular is the diary. It is from these diaries, Bihezi only sort out some of the history of the crane camp, and he was the dust of the crane s natural period is naturally high mountain Yangzhi, logical to worship the dust crane child as a teacher and then took over the head of the crane , In the sitting time, get the same with the scattered repair crane child, will be a matter of things to be clearly after the hook. Fight father ah figh. t father. fidget cube red The rebirth of the rebirth of the people once again sigh, and then the system directly into a scene, but it is his enlightenment time to. The battlefield is in a mountain and the valley around the place, Fang Zhongzhong suspended in the air, you can clearly see the sound of the battlefield, the fire is everywhere, the dark smoke all over the battlefield Hundreds of thousands of troops to mobilize the entire battlefield is a general, which is divided into several local battlefield. Do not need to control the war be.akes the game s vitality to lengthen. PS it is said to add more, but lazy caused by insufficient draft, so today can only add a chapter, but in the group agreed to the number of words, will always be honored in fact, today to add more than 20,000. , later God Yu Yi said no hurry, brother on the music, fidget cube red so only fidget cube red add more ten thousand plus more is also the gods Yi crazy hit twenty thousand vertical cross, so to also twenty fidget cube red thousand w. ords to him, the other buddy s prize, but also to This is the Western festivals, brother this angry youth is not willing to add more, but the answer to add more, it must be added, plus five thousand words, not Today plus, there are five thousand words of the Singles so, New Year s Day, will add more, but also God Yuyi ten thousand, fidget cube red but also the other prizes of the brothers five thousand, Singles five thousand, New Year s Day five thousand, plus On the holy egg festival five thousand, plus the conventional update ten thousand, lying slot, New Year s Day to add more forty thousand words, to New Year s Day to see the brother of the update it, the gold mouth white teeth printed. Section 15 Who is under profit Game studios.

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tease. Female players as long as the body is not eating a loss, basically can endure some verbal tease, and sometimes these statements will be dew point, sometimes subtle, as long as not attributed to curse, humiliating words, even to kill is to find Not the reason. Taiyin Ming house of the disciples of the two disciples belong to the kind of c. an not kill, he tilted Xia Xue Wan Jun, has been followed Xia Xue Wan Jun, but it will not say what the dirty words. The eighth chapter of the gods on the order Fang Zhongshu thousands of miles of notes is very timely, Xia Xuewan Jun is also distressing the gods of things, and now Fang Zhongjie but told her, in the southern Hunan Xia state somewhere, there are two gods of the world, do not come Robbery fidget cube uae to miss a good opportunity Fang Zhongshu has been the god of success, X. ia Xuewan Jun will not doubt that he cheated himself, so no longer take into account the feelings of the two disciples, quickly pulled away, that two disciples want to chase is catch up, Can only sigh back home to send a sit back and fidget cube official wait. Xia fidget cube red Xuewan Jun, fidget cube red the top of the sky, the flowers in the corpses and so on more than 50 players c.Zhongzhong armbands, in addition to the young people in the eyes of the sudden expression of the expression, the fidget cube red rest of the people do not know what department is the city discipline Housing Zhongshu did not intend to and Wen Ming said What, he quit the door and said The characteristics of the Heavenly People is the face. Then, on the hurry to leave. It was interesting. The young man in the room laughed after hearing the words, and then signaled the rest. The room of the Chamber of Secrets was opened, the inside is neatly about tens of millions of cash, Wen Zhiming put up a finger, that young man thought after shaking his head, Wen Zhi Ming and put up a young man Nodded, so two million cash was placed on the outside table, in addition to one of them left, the rest of the people are hiding in the Chamber of Secrets. Two million in cash, hund. reds of gamblers and those who have been left to escort one by one, at this time there have been nearby police stations, city offices arrived, mobilize vehicles, transport traffic and a bunch of things are also deputy Long Li Qinghai told the next, was handled in good order. In addition to Fang Zhongzhong, the rest of the collea.of leadership, which is a good step Well. The use of the command system to inform the six who are still alive to forget to play the game out of the buddha, Fang Zhongjie can use their own right to fidget cube red sign 100 yuan, called to take away, spent 45 dollars, please six colleagues to eat Once again returned to the. game cabin, Fang Zhong looked at the 45 yuan fidget cube like that wrote the invoice, Nima, the amount of reimbursement this month to go to the most of the. According to the forum 8G sources, and now the game comprehension world five domain has been the number of players Dan has reached more fidget cube red than 200 people, which makes Fang Zhongjie sigh scrap material is waste material, even reborn, he is only a small other players Step if there is no rebirth of the huge amount of information, he is now estimated to still struggling with the refining period. Knot Dan after fidget cube red the need for repair experience that is huge, want to reproduce the odds of a step up the situation, although it is not a dream but also extremely difficult things to play a strange rise, unless it is a challenge Monster BOSS, or only obediently to play mobs upgrade. Knot Dan after the players be a teache.

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Fidget Cube Red is impossible to resist the attack of hundreds of players, but also accidentally attack the case. Can be the first time to call out the crane tower, which makes him not been on the spot spike, Fang Zhongzhong struggling to resist when the Xiling players finally arrived, Fang Zhongzhong rescued from. The corpse of the corpse is very admire Fang Zhong, put him on the spike has long been, and now even can not spike Fang Zhong, playing also boring then, the flowers in the corpse of the use of fidget cube red martial messenger, so that all the brothers and sisters They, how far and far how far away, he also ran from the stealth, flying on the air to attract Fang Zhongzhong s fidget cube red attention. As long as the Fang Zhongshu cited, the brothers and sisters of the amount of death on the big drop. Fang Zhongshu did not think so much, fidget cube red he found the corpse in the corpse, naturally will catch up, the two one after another in the air after a long distance, the flowers in the fidget cube make noise corpse see the escape, it. is Bachelor s stop floating in the air, the corpse looked poor look at the Housing Zhong, Fang Zhongshu ignore the poor, and finally, the corpses to 100,000 pieces of top grade Lingshi in exchange for, but the mouth is fidget cube red not willing to fidget cube in amazon mercy, the last room with the cloth to the stupid bird mouth to tie up, that silly The bird did not. use the spiritual power to break the cloth, but with his eyes to despise its owner. The palm fidget cube new colors of your hand has a fidget cube amazon review flame in hand, the flame moved to the bottom of the crane, while the Beishan wine within the chrysanthemum wine side to shoot the crane, the hump no change, is still non stop rotation, and the North Wine in the house to shoot Chrysanthemum wine side, the natural return to Fang Zhongshu soul. According to the tips on the wine side, Fang Zhongshu constantly control the fire, spiritual power with the passage of time continue to consume, when the last trace of spiritual power is about to empty, Fang Zhongjie helplessly took out a top grade Lingshi quick complement Force, and then continue to wine, Fortunately, with this piece of Lingshi supplement, chrysanthemum wine finally done. The soul through the crane, found the original gray misty a large number of cranes, actually more than a wine pool, measuring about 10 meters long 20 meters long, about 5 meters deep, and the wine pool and separated A lot o. f.

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