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Fidget Cube Official e time or can Fang Zhongjie with this time, the use of Chi first foot strong suction, so that their physical homeopathic quickly washed away toward the casual repair. Casual repair master did not expect Fang Zhongshu. will be so eccentric mobile method, to promote fidget cube for adults prime emergency defense, was Fang Zhongjie close to his front, Fang Zhongshu a punch in the repair master of the bridge of the nose, then fist cross, such as The game can be no rules, the game can be no martial arts, only magic, Fang Zhongsuu Bi is the player, even though he played no rules, but the spirit of the fist is real and fidget cube order real. NPC casual repair has never experienced a personal meat Bo situation, fidget cube official actually i. n a very short period of time, fidget cube official was Fang Zhong living and alive to death, he died, the loss of the owner of the Feixiang whine cry down to the sand on the sea Fang Zhongshu how will miss this spoils, rushed to the previous fishing, this material income in the colorful crane. The experience provided by the six sheng gang practitioners, coupled with the experience provided by thousands of ordinary casualties, made Fang Zhongshu finally return to the midst of the repair of the gods.a branch of the martial art, Fang Zhongshu some things have been returned to Xiling, said Yiyi Ling Palace of the masters, Yi Yi Fen Sang , after hearing these things, the Housing Zhongguo extremely appreciated. Come to visit the head of the factions of the factions, the attitude of the Housing is a fear of fear, one by mid infinity can destroy a medium sized martial art chief disciples, do not fear how the line The next generation of head is this guy ah A bad, this MB between the crane child, fidget cube official it will destroy their martial art, so still have to put a good attitude, to avoid the cause of this kill God s attention Yunhezi s mentality is very good, his wife is stronger than his, apprentice than he cross, for him he is very light, but he is very serious on the rest of the disciples, a little mistake, those who have to send the players To the small black fidget cube official house inside the wall made the crane camp players are complaining, but the crane camp at this time is thriving, and there are pan gold Yuan Jianpai support, as well as the fidget cube espa?a world s first master of the masters of the master, and then complain The. Busy time for more than a year, Fang Zhongshu was finally idle, the crane cam.

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o today s numbness, they do not know their own consumption in the palace How long when Wu Gang disappeared, no one player knows that they found their target of the attack disappeared, all fell to the ground, no body spiritual power to provide, God baby fighting duration is very short. But in the moon, the gods fighting time was dragged very long, once again I do not know how long time, large pieces of brick firs. t swinging from the cold on the ground to climb up, then about Mo, Liao people and others also climbed up, justice is thirty people up to the latest. Thirty seven players from the soil, southern Xinjiang, North and East, in addition to justice is not the chief disciple, the rest are in the martial art of the top ten players, even now is not the chief disciple, After the test, they will be able to board the throne of the chief disciple. Are naturally ve. ry familiar with each other, large pieces of brick, about Mo, the flowers in the corpse, laughing from the top of the sky, hands guns, Wu Xin Ting, Shen Huimin, Tang Man, smoke light eyebrow, Han Yuanyi, jade Small seven, proud of sisal, Kou Xiaocui, the soul of frost on the ice, Zijin.fuzzy, iron crown door Shen Huimin, just boarded the location of the chief disciples, prestige lack, and its former disciples of the wind cool, But said he was not a disciple, I am afraid can not mobilize the disciples. Tai Yin Ming house of the ball bile ink, mixed gold pots of about Mo, fidget cube official is also a vague attitude, travel Yiling Palace disciples Xia Xuewan Jun said Xiling does buy official fidget cube not participate in the dispute in the soil, southern Xinjiang Wu Zong retreating the art of Jiao Jiao Jiao also said so. Do not have to find those world martial art. such as Dongzhou Wu Xin Ting, Xiling three Lvchuan school of the inscription thirteen mother, can send someone to contact, as long as they agree to help, certainly able to pull a large number of Players, fidget cube official we fidget cube official will be able to regain those lost comprehension resources. Large slabs knocked on the table slowly said. If the martial art teacher fidget cube alternative has not come forward, then the stren. gth of our players alone, it is difficult fidget cube official to stick to it, there must always be elders came out and said, otherwise fidget cube official it has been playing it To discuss what the results of the Bishui Yao Chi Court brothers and sisters, some muffled away from t.ears ago, the war, the Northland local comprehension martial art once again hit, Xiling and South Xinjiang together to occupy a large vast site, and then will spend huge amounts of Lingshi, will be attached to their Xiling and southern Xinjiang martial Migrate to the northern domain the northern region of the local martial arts living space has been compressed, the formation of today s extreme exclusion of temperament. The northern domain is also known as the comprehension of small world, where t. he same small mid earth, small Dongzhou, small Xiling and small southern Xinjiang, and the North Island comprehension who are angry fidget cube where can i buy continue fidget cube official to fight mixed gold beryllium history of tens of thousands Year, it was originally a fidget cube official Northland Resistance League, and later slowly formed a martial art, after tens of thousands of compromise, concessions and development, mixed gold beryllium finally s. queezed into the world top ten. And six thousand years ago, the southwest joint attack of mixed gold beryllium faction, but also based on the mixed gold beryllium faction more and more tough attitude, which is behind fidget cube official the shadow of the soil and the East, otherwise b.

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Fidget Cube Official dha gods, followed by a few pieces of information to jump out, are prompted a magic weapon and Buddha To complete the fusion to complete the solution of the Housing Zhong understand, no longer need to change the hairstyle in exchange for, he can now play a trick or Buddha India, which makes his battle system straight up. Once again Crane Yingxuan acupuncture fidget cube official and multicolored crane crown into the central office of He Fu, Hefu automatically lifted, Juru three cliffs back to the original position, the sun through the valley top down new image of the Housing Zhong And their own finishing some of the two hands are holding things is not convenient, but fortunately there is no provision to be sure to take things in the hands of these things all income in the soul. He is now the magic of his life has a colorful crane crown, crane shadow mysterious needle, heaven and earth diverted double dragon boat, five fire seven birds fan, more sad reminder of his forehead magic only four positions, more than a Buddha, cool toy fidget cube and did fidget cube official not let him Out of the magic weapon of the location. so Buddha is not a magic weapon of my life. As for the so called melting of the so called, is not a fist of ma.ll of the important in the storage ring. Chi fidget cube official first foot was swallowed into the body, and the crane Yingxuan acupuncture is the handle of the rifle, was Fang Zhongzhong bear in the villagers after all left, Fang Zhongzhong once again returned to the Chi Shan now Chi insect pills In the hand, he is not afraid fidget cube official of groups of volunteers, simply to stay here to enhance the repair. Yuan Ying before the repair, as long as you can find the right place, want fidget cube official to enhance the fast is a simple thing, even if no. t a rebirth of people can also be raised in a short time but enhance the upgrade, if you want to knot Dan, condensate baby success, or need some opportunities and luck. Sent the villagers 20 tablets of insects pills, but also the remaining 130, after serving a fidget cube keychain grain can last 30 minutes, not afraid of imperial insects, and other insects toxins, there are some epidemic prevention effect of course the effect of large Not to have to see the rest of the insects are more powerful than the imperial worms, but in the room Zhong memory, comprehension for the world s early poison, poisoning is unknown on the list, so Chi insect pills should be fidget cube official no big market. Even if there is no marke.

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