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Fidget Cube Now This o know, is certainly a very serious consequences. And the consequences, Fang Zhongshu know, and after the crossing robbery has a relationship, fidget cube gear supply crossing robbery soaring in writing is cut off all the mortal, that is, immortal p. eople often said that the reason, if not complete the reason, crossing the robbery failed Is sure look at the fairyland crossing crossing the late completion of the great comprehension of those who, after entering the great perfection is no longer out, is afraid of getting on the cause, so that they had to come out to cut off the reason. Fang Zhongshu of the gods after the success of the change before the cut off the reasons for the contact, and in the gods of the experience of things, contact the players, NPCs are likely to become his crossing the need to cut off the reason, this is a very Huge project, but fortunately there is the existence of the game log, cross into the crossing after the robbery, you can follow the log message prompts, all the reasons for the cut off, and then peace of mind to go robbery. After a calm flight, the arrival of the water back to fidget cube wholesale the fidget cube now this courtyard of the deepest secret, where there is a vast boundless sea, just clo.the more pure fairy, the longer the growth cycle, like the destruction of birds for thousands of years, but also stay in the foundation of the foundation, if not happens to inhale the days of evil gas, this guy estimated to have to repair Tens of thousands of years, no ancient blood decided to Ah s life is very long. And ordinary monster instead of practice very quickly, basically three hundred years of cultivation can enter the base period, since the growth cycle is getting shorter and shorter precisely because of this weird, you can often see the fidget cube release date ancient Wicked by ordinary monster playing Montreal Channeling. Able to repair the knot Dan period, indicating that the monster. at least practicing for 800 years. Ancient Wicked is born with the Euro RSCG, and the ordinary monster to open the spirit of the time there is a long short, it is all depends fidget cube thinkgeek on the opportunity in the game you can see some of the repair is a high monster, but still the body, which shows That monster depends on instinct in the absorption of the sun and the moon essence, did not open the Euro RSCG. Can be shaped or semi shaped monster, is to open the Euro RSCG, and repair to meet the requirements.

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ly a kind of hosting to facilitate those who do not have the game every day to play the game, to keep up with the repair. There are two kinds of retreats, one is in the martial art, to pay the high Lingshi, even if earth shattering, martial art of destruction, do not need to worry about the closure will be interrupted and their obsession the other is in the field closed, There are some hidden deep closed point, these closed points do not need to pay the cost, fidget cube now this but it will be disturbed by foreign objects, a careless may be obsessed. Fang Zhongzhong at this time where the place is a closed door point, the closure of the point of no repair for the experience attached. but according to Fang Zhongzhong at this time of repair, after the operation of the heart is the experience of beheaded fidget cube now this refining. gas Period of 15 monsters, and in order to upgrade to the middle fidget cube now this of the building, the need is beheaded about 1 million refining season 15 monster. But if it is beheaded the beginning of the base of the monster only need 100, the middle of the building only need 10, the base later only 1, early to enhance the repair speed is still quite fast just want to, it is difficult to understand that monstrous resentment. Although confirmed that he is Lu Dongbin reincarnation, but he has not been recognized as immortal system, which shows that fidget cube 9gag he needs to complete a lot of tasks to be able to trigger the transmission notes, on the one hand asked why the big pot fidget cube now this did not complete the demon Demon task, you can enter the initial and medium, the other is to ask how to become immortal. Unfortunately, cheap crane pot only answered the previous question, after a problem cheap crane brother said, for seduce the sister of the twenty five Aberdeen, Daoye I do not provide information sharing, would like to know, please pay 10 million pieces of top grade stone. The fate of wanted suddenly burst into tears, cheap crane pot yo, people art Jiao Jiao is like you, but she. did not want to like. you, so the use of the younger brother to do the shield if you know that the shield is so hard, the little brother will refuse, And can not be with the cheap crane brother said, fate wanted to go to the heart to swallow to the heart. Fang Zhongshu flew to the southern part of the state , was a player to block, set a look at the s.nce again issued shaking the shouts. Yaozu and heaven how the fidget cube now this war, no one is clear, Linxian four domain of the fidget cube now this NPC palm gathered together Yaozhou Yao Chi Court is the main hall, their face haggard sitting on the fidget cube now this floor, repeated calculations to consume a lot of their spiritual power and energy , Also reduced the province of life, the entry of their own chief disciples, nor any response. Large pieces of brick drift to his master Bi Li Liang Chen behind, whispered Master, may have the results Bilian Liang Chen goes on the beautiful face is haggard, she is to Yaozu and heaven battle plan, but also for their own martial art after the way to consider, so many things on fidget cube now this her. shoulders as Lin Xian first Master, is also no countless generations of men and women really love the curtain of the female comprehension, Bi Lan Liang Chen for the martial art to pay a lot, but unfortunately her efforts, but in exchange for the decline of the martial art, which makes the blue sky is not reconciled. Large pieces of brick to see their own master repeatedly vomiting blood, comprehension for those who repair the fidget cube on youtube heart and body, heart of things happen once, comprehension for those who may b.

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Fidget Cube Now This e. The service of the applicant and not much, until the Housing a few days before the rebirth of a man, a man fidget cube now this called the master was captured by the police, what is no one clear In short, the guy called the master seems to be their own Was arrested, on the Internet set up a communication program, as long as he did not adjust regularly, the program will automatically play the content. The contents of the mention of your magic you call the shots project, from the earned cents to obtain all the data, the master to spend money on the acquisition of data on the material, until the material collection, he found a special factory , It will be made out of things things created, very beautiful, although there is no special effect, but some organs of the clever with, holding fidget cube now this in the hands of playing is also very fun. In the system after the magic of a day, the master inadvertently dropped the magic weapon into the game cabin, but filled with health care room, the master of the magic from the health liquid picked up to find the original is only a gorgeous magic, But suddenly become introverted, and. also has a very old and vicissitudes of the feeling. The hearts of a move, then t.leaders have no sense of trust between each other, large brick and other eight people against Fang Zhongzhong, Fang Zhongshu really conceal the scourge of the heart, would like to take the opportunity to exterminate the eight guys of course, can not blatantly off Kill, need to use a large number of siren hands, causing the leader died in the siren attack, otherwise, Fang Zhongsu is also going to a small black. house to sit on a ride. Nine hippocampus, six arm hippocampus and nine paws octopus is not alone, they are surrounded by eighteen different shapes of the Siren, Siren has their own sites, there is no relationship between each other , All have not low intelligence, but in terms of language is lacking, basically speaking, non human monster, only say that the family s words. Siren said it is the sea, Jilui wow friends do not know what to say, Fang fidget cube indiegogo Zhongshu fidget cube now this is a sea marshal, can understand the sea can also speak Hai fidget cube g4mer of course, he said is still Chinese, but only Translated by the system. Follow the NPC comprehension for those who. have been put into the sea demon destroy the war, which is the leader of the command, or they will not act will NP.

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