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Fidget Cube Europe core base friends, some things have to ask the fate of wanted. It seems to be in the reality of what stimulation, the specific is not clear, anyway, when the contest time, he would like to take the crane gun around the K, even his favorite big array do not love to go out. Wanted to say. Pass. Fang Zhongshu gun to the pendulum on the heavy meal, and then look down with the eyes looking at the pendulum around the players, the world is much better than with the geographical ratio, in the rookie list top ten players will be the beast , By all the players come to the world to challenge the pla. yers Fang Zhongshu with a handle Crane shaped guns, has been more than three years of war time, this Nima s time to change, really as fast as the stool, , It is used to several months time, no wonder people say immortal fight are dozens of hundreds of years. There have been more than 20 players to make a lot of means, are unable to discuss the house in the hands of a good, Fang Zhongshu did not use any spell with the matrix method, he used the crane shaped ring gun with the match, the people K But this method is also the main reason for his longer time to fight. The game does not h.tinue to discuss the tea ceremony, but also in the heart is very shamelessly scold MB, also thought that after the rebirth of change, did not. expect to know the girl all have The Lord, really strange, how these guys always like to dig the wall of the Lord Hei hei, anyway, can only see with the touch, XXOO and not, let those guys burn it. The ninth section of love recorded Shrimp will be ghosts and ghosts in the river, looked around and then dive into the water, this time after the time, Fang Zhongshu is also a ghosts and ghosts emerge out, Chi head cover his whole body, so he does not need to worry about being water See there is no player around, Fang Zhongshu shaved shrimp should be the shoulder, said shrimp, eyesight, good followed by nine Prince mixed, and so someday need, fidget cube europe squeak, Road Lord certainly will not refuse. Shrimp. Shrimp shouted. Fang Zhongshu Lengle Leng was dumbfounded, What is the difficulty to say it. Daoye, teenager is also a mortal, in the south of Yanzhou coastal fishing for a living, a day even eat a thing, the result became a shrimp, thanks to nine princes after rescued the teenager, or even if the teenager died , Will be killed as a monster

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et Bisha Liangchen, is now recognized as the first master, although thousands of years old is still beautiful as flowers, Disciples called big bricks , looks very handsome slag, each trip, there a. re ten female players around to follow, envy others ah Large bricks had not entered the sand at the beginning, is a few forklift players in a place, he was at the beginning of the foundation of the critical juncture, naturally do not want to make those lively later heard when the roll killer, large bricks But it is very disdain for this killer, but he was fast step by step success, and later he succeeded step Dan successful, so that large bricks are very tangled. And now he is late knot Dan, made up his mind not to let others first step in the success of his baby, but the end of the Dan Dan need to repair the fidget cube europe experience is very much, he occupied fidget cube uk amazon a site in the soil ruthless Shaguai, but found repair For the experience to upgrade very slowly, desperation to find his master Bi fall good. Bilian Liangchen beautiful so evils in general, so that some big bricks did not dare look directly at the division, Ah often scolded the game company, nothing to the NP.e not all Show, but also exposed the tip of the iceberg. Then, official fidget cube there have been sand people appear, sometimes a single person, sometimes three Fang Zhongzhong in the back of the performance of the quality, so fidget cube europe that fidget cube europe Ah is proud of that the pseudo master can be considered a master of the threshold, At least when the sand man appeared, his attack speed did not slow on a beat. You are a band attack, I know you are very fidget cube europe cattle. drops, but you do not have a second shot ah With the back of the house in the back of the case The fate of it, could not help, spent a very expensive thousands of notes, quietly said to Fang Zhong said. Fang Zhongshu a sad reminder, Nima, I installed a master easy He certainly knows what is band fidget cube europe attack, but he does not know how the master is how to team work Fen Tong, when the master really tired ah In the back of the walking stage, Fang Zhongzhong no longer wholeheartedly staring at the sand people, but to watch the rest fidget cube europe of the players how to attack and cooperation, this look is to let him a little experience, and with the time ahead fidget cube europe , Fang Zhongshu also slowly with the team together, so that incoming, attack orderly. A big pit Walking in the front.e in the three Luqu courtyard of a fidget cube europe hospital, if Fang Zhongzhong late step, fate wanted to follow the teacher life, to the south to do the task. But this time it is not ushered in, Lin fairyland will naturally calculate the results, found that all access to all levels of repair real estate channels are closed if the low comprehension can not rise to Pro Wonderland, which represents the Pro fidget cube europe Wonderland of the comprehension of those who can not fly into the wonderland, the law of heaven fidget cube europe and earth was completely changed. Can not be. said to be changed, according to my master s argument, there is a generous generation, cast spells, will be deceived some of the rules of heaven and earth, which led to the situation today and after the world s top ten martial arts master efforts to finally find the relevant The key to the Department, but these key things only the infants of Yuan Ying to enter, so we Xiling elite players were all sent to do the task. Fate wanted to finish, it fidget cube europe was a rapid urge to urge, helpless, had nothing to say with the cheap crane brother after the treasure, and quickly ran to the collection, the whole world all martial art have issued a ban order as long a.

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Fidget Cube Europe ing robbery, the need to create token and other items. Into the secre. t room, in the most declining place in the input of spiritual power, there will be a light circle, into which, you can hear the system prompts, has entered the 36. secret, will be the form of team activities Zhongjie life and death do not want to fidget cube malaysia be captain, a large piece of brick is not willing to, the fate of the wanted and very sad reminder was pulled out when the captain. The captain has no priority, the game has no experience distribution, equipment allocation settings, just let the team players, in the battle will not appear accidental injury situation, but also to ensure that the presence of spies in the team Team, you can pull out a teammate chat channel, but need to pay each player a top grade Lingshi, as long as the secret, no matter how far, can communicate with each other, no longer need thousands of miles of notes, hang the players automatically exit Team, ten seconds was kicked out of the fidget cube twiddle cube secret. There are three major customs clearance, the first mark there are three small off, respectively, beginning to close off , combat off , seeking investigation , shape of.n know, such as Fang Zhongzhong Although this is a small disciple disciples, But his dress body is embroidered with a wings flying crane, crane body is also written Xianhe sent three words. If the future replacement of clothing and clothing, then the mark will be automatically attached to the equipment and fidget cube europe clothing, and casual wear even if the clothing is embroidered with all kinds of plants, beasts and other patterns, but these patterns fidget cube from amazon are not words of course, This is the initial understanding of the fidget cube price method of repair, Fang Zhongjie is another more simple and accurate identification of the law. If you fidget cube ama want to kill the Indiana, you can also use the door of the law will be hidden on their own clothing mark, even if the other is immortal, there is no way to see the hidden martial art mark Fang Zhongshu always think that the game is to rely on seven points Luck third skill, this is because he really did not play the game of talent, and he can be born again to fidget cube europe return to luck, otherwise. so many elite did not rebirth, ye was born again The light on the map with the constant m. ovement of the original slowly swallowed the original darkness, to be a h.

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