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Fidget Cube Buy rse rushed to refining the wind, while he imagined the sky clouds Clouds, lightning scenes are not there. It seems to feel Fang Zhong ching on the refining robbery of disregard, heaven and earth furious, the whole square suddenly shocked, all view war comprehension who are tumbling to the groun. d, and that is refining refining robbery comprehension is screams, mouth spray Blood with a few steps back, and ultimately tenacious resistance to live in this world. attack. In contrast, Fang Zhongshu is caught in another scene, reincarnation of the Great who like to engage in trouble around the guy, in the ground when the earthquake, the room will be pulled to another room, with the conversation. The reincarnation can be interesting Reborn big looking at Fang fidget cube buy Zhong, his face without a smile asked. Fang Zhongshu shrugged did not answer, he now encountered the fidget cube buy reincarnation of the Great can not talk, this Ah is the system is sent to torture the players, not to torture the players to die, feeling so deep up the true meaning of what, Torture will not stop. Fang Zhongshu did not answer, reincarnation of the great god did not care, he was still expressionle.e the location is still rubbish, Fang Zhongzhong did not disappointed, holding the idea of Ning did not let go, the seabed that position carefully and carefully search again, to determine here is really no good things, the mood Without any impact on the back to float up. Deep water under the sea as if to stop, if the colorful sea of animals fidget cube colors continue to flash, in the deep sea will feel a lonely and lonely when Fang Zhongzhong slowly to the float, a so that his amazing figure flashed , When he came back to God, that fi. gure is drifting away, Fang Zhongshu hurry to go. Yan Yan s glamorous trace fidget cube buy of an elegant lonely, shiny scales to her arc Ying Ying in the underwater world, fan shaped fish hair gently shaking, so that her posture so moving heart and soul black hair like Waterfall like flying in the sea, but no wet marks, she is so light and moving, the legendary mermaid ah Noble sea girl, she was so cruel so quiet. Fang Zhongsu marching the water of the sea and walking in parallel with her, beautiful mermaid black eyes looking straight at the Housing Zhong, eyes pure and bright, such as fairy like voice in the room Zhong Er ear echoed, you are he.

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Purple Wu Sheng much higher, but his spiritual power to restore the speed than the Purple Wu Sheng fast, the two recovered full of spiritual power almost no time before and after , Which fidget cube buy makes Zijin Wu Sheng secretly speechless, it seems the master of the reason why the master, reflected fidget cube buzzfeed in all aspects of ah Stop the secret in the five elements of the king was exterminated even after breaking open, before the monster has not appeared to continue to refresh out, this secret in the break after the break into a leveling secret. Two Ling pet open road, the mo. fidget cube buy nster will appear along the way one by one to eliminate, and Zijin Wu Sheng in a strong bodyguard escort, fidget cube buy it is excited fidget cube buy Daguai, repair to enhance the speed of the slow, but more than he was alone To be a lot faster monsters will always drop some items, Fang Zhongshu in addition to herbs will be charged, the rest of the things are owned by Zijin Wu Sheng, which makes Zijin Wu on the poor fidget cube buy children in the heart shouting fortune. In the dead end of the territory I do not know how long mixed, Zijin Wu Sheng finally negative training for the experience to reverse, and quickly into the midst of Hong fidget cube espa?ol Kong, the secret of t.tribe really no old and no children, this is really strange, fidget cube buy how could there be such a strange thing let him want to be sure Do not come out, the answer lies in the hands of female players trapped in the array. Tang Man in buy fidget cube toy order to express sincerity, ranging from housing Zhong asked questions, continue to shout This was once the northern area of ice crane habitat, fidget cube gamer six thousand years ago, the North Yellow Crane was catastrophe, large scale death, and now it is early But a thousand years ago. this piece of land is suddenly a large number of mortals, these mortals that are adults, no elderly no children, like the night out of thin air with the same. My master after several exploration found that these mortals are not really Nu Wa blood, but by six thousand years ago, the soul of ice crane condensate And so on, you are saying that all these mortals are ice crane Fang Zhongshu suddenly excited some of the words of the call. Tang Man face showing a cunning smile, she secretly relieved, afraid of the other side does not ask, a question, to find out the other side here is to find the crane in fact, it is not difficult to speculate that the entire North fidget cube now this future Know that here is the.of robbery. Robbery can not be eliminated, can only hold it, and it is obstructed, we must block the people to kill or kill back, and then will. continue fidget cube how to use to attack their original goal, that is, that heaven and earth move water dragon boat Zhonglian made mad, the appearance of fidget cube buy robbery means that their refining fidget cube buy out of the magic weapon order is certainly fairy, comprehension for refining the fairy goods, that is Guards move, there is a law around the world, so ther. e will be robbery appear. Only one robbery, which means that this is the magic of the first order of the first order, even if only 1 order, it is also fairy, the whole game player who can have fairy Therefore, Fang Zhongsu Kuang Kuang, even if it is dead, he fidget cube buy should block the road robbery, thanks to only one, if there are two, Fang Zhongjie can fidget cube 3d printer only sighed and said to Nima. Touching, touching, touching, two spirits whole body skin blooming open robbery thrown far away, two pet roar fidget cube now this cry, regardless of the body of the blood again shocked to fidget cube buy block the robbery crane shadow mysterious needle was robbed light whine More than three of the Buddha was playing powder, once again condensed into t.

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Fidget Cube Buy to find his master Lu Daozi. Lu Daozi really no words to his disciples, this d. isciple gave him a long face ah And now is firmly sitting in the faction of the main disciples position, seeing will die Dan, but because of their friends to delay things, Lu Daozi do not agree, he assured his disciples will fidget cube buy help their friends to recover justice, let The fate of the wanted to hurry to send inside the closed knot Dan. You owe a big love. Fang Zhongzhong really grateful, in front of this guy, although the pig to eat tigers, but fairly generous attempts. Hey, there are good things called even if I was also human. The fate of the wanted smile. Lu Daozi for the disciples to peace of mind knot Dan, is indeed under the capital, Hupenghuanyou find all Yuan Ying period, the god of the period of the staff, and then directly to Chuan Chuansuo reached the pan gold Jin Jianpai Yuan Jian camp head of a disciple said three Lvqi courtyard to a lot of people, it is surprised that the recent Xiling no major event ah H. ow to qualify for the second of the three Lvyuan so rush to move to the public Lu Daozi is a Dacheng mid repair of the characters, and its leadership., the woman said some sad, and the man is very calm nodded the woman is always no movement footsteps, and the man is so embarrassed to twist away, the results of a man and a woman fidget cube buy stood a whole night, to be When the sun rises, the conversation between the two is still the phrase I go. Generation refers to the tragic years of housing Zhongzhong finally was a strange force to sweep away, this strange system called the system, the time than the domain, all the players will be se. nt to the Xiling Tour Yiming Palace contest field When walking, received a tear, the tears into a carved, deep affixed to the corner of the eye, like the reality of the beauty of the dress, the tears called wonderful tears. Miao really tears, formation, the spirit of the nine order, jacket demon king Yang Miao really set things, set Yang Miaozhen crossing the early Granville power, into the array who can feel the deep sad feelings, thus affecting the mind, Controlled by. Wandering Hill is the holy mountain of Xiling, it can become a sacred mountain, because it sent away numerous immortal immortal comprehension, but also buried numerous destroyed by heaven and earth repair a day outside the spri.

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