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Fidget Cube 3d everal pull people to tell Fang Zhongsu, someone outside to find, which makes the original no doubt Fang Zhongshu suddenly suspicious, and did not cheated martial art. Section 17 Leader It is not easy to wait cheap crane out, the heroes are excited, just want to take measures, but found that cheap crane is not alone, he is surrounded by crowded NPC NPC strength or not is important, it is important These NPCs are all the southern part of the self cultivation, which is fidget cube 3d not missing some well known southern co. mprehension, for a time the heroes are not frivolous. Fang Zhongshu think of their own prestige, so many well known comprehension for him to see him first, this is a how much rubbing things ah As for how to pack up an insider why so many people, it is not in the room within the scope of consideration, anyway, to the ground to see the situation. Just fly out of the Lotus Xin Puyu Zongshan not much, three Gang Cheng early comprehension for those who Lengheng heard, who threw a few Road Jin Mans, toward the fidget cube now Mercedes Benz out of the way hidden heroes suddenly appeared, Do not wait for three well known comprehension for those who speak, those heroes on the hurry to lea.orps door, the car slowly squeezed into the streets, driving such a cart is slow as a snail, along the numerous tug The middle finger despise Fang Zhongshu no way, his car or later learned, fidget cube 3d after learning there fidget cube 3d is no chance to open, this is he learned to drive since fidget cube 3d the first drive on the road, do not care, then it is easy to hang up. Safety first thing Spent a full two hours and more time to reach the blind date of the cafe, Fang Zhongsuo good car, the whole body of the suit, pinch the tie, feel that they can be considered a successful person drops Laughed, walked into the cafe, asked the waiter table number, under the leadership of the waiter, came to a desk, but found a woman has been sitting there. The woman was obviously very fidget cube hk busy, with a laptop on the table, she pounded the keyboard, followed by a phone call, she picked up the phone again, the call ended in a few minutes, and continued typing, and then the phone, so Constantly alternating, completely ignoring the existence of Fang Zhongshu. Fang Zhongshu do not care, there are fidget cube 3d coffee singing is quite good, as a rebirth of the grassroots, he really did not go into the coffee shop, especially in this legendary cl.

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by word And he has this information to say it is no way, owed to the underground bank debt always have to, and fidget cube 3d his body is not a dime, so can only embark on this dangerous move. Wen Mingzhi did not ask how to know what he was doing, a young man who could call him directly on his cell phone, and he could know what he was doing and what he did was not secret, The secret is only because the general public do not know fidget cube 3d to become a secret, and some high end crowd is to know but these people are beneficiaries, so some things become a secret until the ordinary people know and poke out, the so called big out The. Wen Mingzhi body momentum convergence, Fang Zhongshu is the body , his face is a thick sweat into a straight line sliding cheek a paper towel h. anded to Fang Zhongzhong in front of Fang Zhongshu some trembling took t. he towel, Casually rubbed a face, want to speak, but it is dry mouth can not tell. Wen Mingzhi smiled, in front of this fidget cube tech insider kid or tender ah I do not know which line of the big brother, sent this kid to come to the notice, but also used a move east and west, borrow the name of the underground bank customers, arranged last night s pro.players will know, because the retreat of Huang Cave to become the tenth world of martial art, there is a message to tell the players out. Fang Zhongjie do not care about these, if fidget cube 3d fidget cube kaufen Yunhezi master is not affected by the influence of the founder of the dream, the crane camp to become the world s big faction goal, they might be able to get in this opportunity, but unfortunately ah Unfortunately, Unfortunately, Fang Zhongshu is no expression, the sky players less and less, the reason is very simple, the game most of the players are in the low level repair stage, especially some time ago Resulting in fidget cube 3d a large nu. mber of players repair to reduce, and the Dragon King Tears , also let a lot of players die. Demon monk has opened, where the location is on the island, they are n. ot really Yaozu, but the practice of the heart is the demon heart, so it was classified into the demon, and the real monster is But as the southern part of the witch faction of the twelve ancestors of the witch as the founder of the same, the demon factions who really respect is the Nuwa as the founder, the release of respect and mention as the founder, Taoist and Confucianism, r.e deliberately went to the street to buy a Department of more than two thousand, full featured mobile fidget cube 3d phone, and then ran back to the dormitory, open the shooting function, adjust the good angle, in determining to be able to shoot their own, Fang Zhongshu began to display people tactics. Flashing crystal, flashing ah like a star, for the hair is the stars Housing Zhongshu footsteps looked at the stars full of stars, which naturally is not really stars, but people hungry to the extreme or when fidget cube 3d the head was hit after the illusion, there is a saying that is described, hungry Eyes of Venus or hit Venus scurrying can Fang Zhong Ming obviously did not hit, and he just eat breakfast, although it is light to eat without food, but his stomach is 100 full, There fidget cube 3d is no hungry eye to catch Venus. That star out loud Fang Zhongzhong that he did not from the root of the problem to calculate, can not go to consider their own into the game will not be injured or the dea. th of the problem, can not go to consider whether the reality is stil. l in reality or in the game, the most important The question is why you can not use the game tools to enter the game. The.

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Fidget Cube 3d king of the Dragon s saliva Feng Yu, that Is the Phoenix feathers ah Nima, brother later generations have not fidget cube 3d seen this thing, as the unicorn A and Xianqi, all with the Phoenix, belong to Wonderland things. But the transfer of the great man shot so generous, brother this piece seems to him useful, and the use is also very large, tut tut, it seems brother reborn after the fate of the game is also very hard to force. fidget cube 3d Will be the cause and effect of the filter again, Fang Zhongjie feel that the rookie list master is not a name in fact, there is always such a luck, and their own as puppet, was mercy come to this conclusion, so Fang Zhongsu was extreme. ly unhappy but also Helpless, he found himself from the day into the crane to send that day, in particular, by the founder of the crane after the success of Dan, he and the whole game with fidget cube amazon prime some of the plot linked together. The future of the crane to send the master of the top of the collapse of the root did not have these experiences, and the top of fidget cube 3d the sky now is into the Middle East martial art, fidget cube 3d to become the chief disciples of the Taiyi hospital rebirth of the fate of the change of their own, but also changed Countless.

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