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Course Credits

  1. For students who wish to take course from a university other than NCTU, they can only take courses that are not offered on campus at the current semester. The credits taken from other universities should not exceed six credits or two courses each semester.
  1. Please make yourself familiar with the related rules of course registration from another campus before hand to assure of successful completion of registration.
  1. Students will not get credits and grades from another campus if their applications are not approved
  1. Application procedure: Please get the application form in Division of Curriculum or download it from the website. The procedure: instructor’s and course supervisor’s signature→ signature of the chairperson of the student’s major department→ course instructor’s signature→ authorization of the department that offers the course→ Division of Curriculum of other universities→ Cashier’s Office of other universities→ NCTU Division of Curriculum
  1. Dropping courses: students who applied for receiving credit for course work completed at another campus but wish to drop the course later on should be done in the Division of Curriculum. Dropping such courses on the Internet is unavailable. Students will fail the course if the process is not completed.