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Demolab History

  In 1993, physics demonstration laboratory was planned by the members of physics. They founded experimental space and purchased instruments at New establishment (Humanities and Social Sciences building 2) in 1994. In the following year, the experimental handbook of physics demonstration was edited by the 87th-order students in Department of Electrophysics. In 1996, the publicly demonstrative activities were held in the century anniversary celebration of Chiao Tung University. With space adjustment and facilities enlargement, the laboratory was relocated to Science Building 1 in 2005 and transferred to Science Building 3 (SC361) in 2013 again.
  In order to raise the teaching quality of physical course, physics demonstration laboratory provides the variety teaching demonstrative equipments for educators to demonstrate realistically in the class. It can be seen that this method not only promotes the interaction between the teachers and students during the class but also dramatically develops learning interest for students.
  In order to popularize the fundamental science education of physics, physics demonstration laboratory unites all the relevant subjects teaching laboratories in Department of Electrophysics to provide for high school teachers and students as well as student clubs for free use. It is arranged that the teachers and assistants in the Department of Electrophysics carry out the explanation and demonstration for students. Variously experimental courses of realistic manipulation simultaneously are arranged for students to go further realizing mystery of physics through many activities.
  The items of physics demonstration, the Time Corridor, the kinds of interactive spaces and so on are going to be continued to renew, develop and accomplish. To combine intramural teaching groups with the faculty resources offering interdisciplinary exoteric environment for realistically manipulating and providing innovative courses is our goal to attempt in the near future.

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