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Time Corridor


    In view of the 3rd floor of the Science Teaching and Research Building (Science Building 3), with relevant subjects teaching laboratories and physics demonstration laboratory in Department of Electrophysics, it is the regional hot spot for intramural teachers, students and extracurricular activities in science. Thus, the Time Corridor was found here in 2015.
The walls on both sides of the aisle display the representative of physicists, Nobel Prize in Physics and previous laureates of relevant research areas from academic individual of Electrophysics Department, respectively. Then, we created interactive background data and relevant links through building up this website in 2017.
Physicists image creator: C. H. Yang in the 102th-order Electrophysics Department
Nobel Prize in physics designers: C. Y. Kao and M. J. Chi
Planners: Prof. C. W. Luo, C. Y. Kao assistant, Studs. Y. X. Chen, Y. F. Xiao and the committee members of physics

十一月 0287

二月 1564

一月 1643

一月 1706

六月 1831

十一月 1867

三月 1879

八月 1887

五月 1908