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Course Explanation

  • The physics course in semester 107 is divided into two groups according to the class schedule:
  • 1. Group A: Electrophysics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Science Departments, College of Science and Nano Science Undergraduate Honors Programs.
  • 2. Group B: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Honors Program, Photonics, Electrical Engineering and Transportation Management (elective) Departments.
  • Two courses are arranged in Group A and B respectively:
  • 1. Standard class: Four credits per semester (Four hours per week)2. Honor class: Four credits per semester (Four hours per week) Honor class’ textbooks are similar to standard class’ but with Modern Physics in addition. The aim of course is to enhance conceptual establishment, discussion, utilization and application of technology in physics (especially the concept of Quantum). Students’ academic transcript will be marked with “Honor class”.
  • The physical courses for first-year students, students in Photonics Department, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Honors Program require taking the alternative course of Honor class within this category, students in Electrophysics, College of Science and Nano Science Undergraduate Honors Program are limited to take the alternative course of 0511 or 0512 Honor class, and non-mentioned departments are free to choose the classes which are assigned in their categories.
  • The students who need to meet the additional credit requirement and retake the courses should register Physics I and Physics II by self.
  • The new Physics II course can be enrolled at the first semester and the new Physics I course also can be enrolled at the second semester.
  • The transferring students to second semester of first-year course are prearranged in the original class. If you wish to transfer to another class, please drop the course first and then enroll the class you wish to take by self. However, the maximum number of students is subject to limitation.
  • For students who wish to take the physics courses are required to enroll by self through the online course registration system. The written endorsement is not acceptable.
  • The primary gradation in the first semester is not applicable for sophomore students and above to register. If you wish to retake the course, please apply it during the period of permissive registration.The first opening in the second semester is applicable for freshmen. If sophomore students and above wish to retake the course, and other departments (not compulsory) require to take the class, please go through upon notification during the period of second opening.
    • If the classes you wish to take reach its capacity, please register our on-line waiting list. Any availabilities and vacancies will be distributed on system in voluntary order. If someone drops the course with the authorized tolerance exceeding in number, the registration will not be acceptable.
    • Due to the individual identity, category or other special reasons in administration system, you may not allow registering through our online system, please meet to the officers of Physics (Science Building 1 SA004) to complete the volunteer order for course application and it will be distributed on the website according to the time of receipt.

    ※Note: If you have questions regarding the registration in physics, please contact the Physics office at extension number: 56132, Mr. S. L. Tsao

Course Credits

  1. For students who wish to take course from a university other than NCTU, they can only take courses that are not offered on campus at the current semester. The credits taken from other universities should not exceed six credits or two courses each semester.
  1. Please make yourself familiar with the related rules of course registration from another campus before hand to assure of successful completion of registration.
  1. Students will not get credits and grades from another campus if their applications are not approved
  1. Application procedure: Please get the application form in Division of Curriculum or download it from the website. The procedure: instructor’s and course supervisor’s signature→ signature of the chairperson of the student’s major department→ course instructor’s signature→ authorization of the department that offers the course→ Division of Curriculum of other universities→ Cashier’s Office of other universities→ NCTU Division of Curriculum
  1. Dropping courses: students who applied for receiving credit for course work completed at another campus but wish to drop the course later on should be done in the Division of Curriculum. Dropping such courses on the Internet is unavailable. Students will fail the course if the process is not completed.