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Best Toy Fidget Cube rs have invited. Is talking, tour Yiling Palace received the disciples came to respectfully said. , Fang Zhongshu with fidget cube a vinyl desk toy the player said the sound of the other, followed by the disciples toward the tour Yiling Palace gate walk. Section 9 second This is where the martial art school ah That with Fang Zhongzhong played half day fart players touched his head whispered. Fang Zhongshu that their own crane camp with a large scale, it is because he was in the future into the Dongzhou martial art is the same size, that Dongzhou martial art did not squeeze into the world s top t. en, but also the top ten Dazzling watch the size of the tour Yiling Palace, Fang Zhongshu know that they are sitting in the view of the river, the size of the crane is at best the size of the regional pie, with the world s top ten to send the size of the door, there is still a certain gap. How far the tour Ling Palace, Fang Zhongjie naturally do not know, he only know the tour Yili Palace very atmospheric, which he sat from the seven small Chuan Songzhen, but also see a lot of medium sized Chuansong Zhen come to the conclusion The need to Chuan Chuansong Zhen, and is not through t.itself is a means of the game process, even if the misunder. standing is clear, difficult to protect the arts Jiaojiao day will use Fang Zhongshu to kill the ball bile ink. Hey, I always. want to kill the kid once. Fang Zhongshu laughed. It is natural, when the cooperation is his comrades, when the war is the enemy, we play the game for so long, naturally clear the rules. Sweat clothes also laughed. So to say, one day, we may also become enemies Fang Zhongwen asked. With the enemy to describe the relationship between our players, is very incorrect we can cooperate, but also need to compete with each other, when the need for cooperation, we need to compete with each other, Wholeheartedly, when competing, we need to be wholeheartedly, so we are not enemies and enemies, not friends and friends. Fart. Looking away away from the naked people, Fang Zhongshu cursed one, and then continue to cross legged healing, his best toy fidget cube gods heart cents heart acupuncture therapy on the miraculous the injury though quite heavy, it only took ten years, On the safe cure, fly back to the Dongzhou Guanghui sent the gate, but found that the ball bile ink this kid ran back to t.

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that is pain to die. However, it was still the beginning of the base period, can. not be through the crane tower to the information will be sent to Fang Zhong, only in the crane tower to roll to the tragic howl after a period of torture, evil spirits of its physical transformation Finished, it actually automatically get a practice heart, best toy fidget cube called Lei Zhen child heart. The first section under the House Lei Zhenzi is your ancient ancestors Fang Zhongshu often listen to this silly bird that is ancient animal blood, but do not know this ancient animal is actually Lei Zhenzi. Lei Zhenzi is the famous bird demon, is said to be holding a pair of mine hammer, you can hit a lightning, it is amazing. Silly birds tell the story is talking about the effort, did not answer it master this question, continue to say This is the heart of the soul of the first nine things, with it, the bird god can practice until the crossing robbery, once crossing the robbery success , Ha ha ha. According to the different order, France 1 to 3 order repair refining gas, 4 to 6 repair to the building base, 7 to 9 repair to knot Dan treasure 1 to 6 repair to Yuan Ying, 7 to 9 repair.o have been sealed, even if the hand can move, there is no way to crack, can only plan to communicate, but the meaning of this exchange method will be based on their own thinking, and constantly being best toy fidget cube misinterpreted, But also come up with a lot of jokes although come up with a fidget cube stock lot of jokes, but also greatly ease the burying buried in the ground, only the most tangled Jiao Jiao Jiao, she can not communicate with people, naturally do not best toy fidget cube know the body is Fang Zhong Said, although Fang Zhongjie due to the line of sight was transferred to open, and hard up the small Zhong early soft down, Jiao Jiao Jiao or feel very angry. The number fidget cube how to adhd of players buried in the underground than the original group of friends more than the number of friends, in addition to art Jiao Jiao, there are other players, such as about Mo s young cement chicken, lined up the gentleman six husband and others Fang Zhongsu, a total of fifty seven players were buried in the best toy fidget cube ground. In order to find out the common ground her. e, in addition to art Jiao Jiao, the fifty six base friends began to match. First of all, they are Yuan Ying, and condensed into the body of the body secondly, they are all come of such a master of God, but still able to sense especially. his strange gods, Obviously knot is the Taoist gods, making it is to send spells, best toy fidget cube and made room Zhongzhao are embarrassed to let it out of the wandering. Fang Zhongshu also continue to explore the new place of warm water, his base friends, the real release of his disciples in the red roll, at this time a look of solemn smile on the middle aged man of Buddhism, Man, must not be fascinated by Yaozu, and missed his own life. The monk, my wife and I really love, although the demon special way, but my family did not harm a person, I am a self cultivation of the people, but it is not afraid of her body of the demon And my life is not serious monks, please mercy, let my family lady. Pathetic men s mouth in the mouth of the lady, at this time was injured and collapsed best toy fidget cube to the ground, she did not have any fear of feeling, his eyes looked at the pathetic man tears, after listening to her words, she said with a cry Messire, no need to tell this little monk such words, they are the monks who know the joy of love. Red Daddy touched his bald, my heart some whispered Nima, brother, although not married, but his girlf.

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Best Toy Fidget Cube sing is a full attack, hit the room Zhongzhu complained not only although every time the fidget cube amazon review hit is not enough to fatal, but will hurt ah If the injury can not be timely treatment, accumulation will cause damage to the meridians, so that the repair to reduce therefore, every time was injured, Fang Zhongjie would have to display the crane gods tactic yellow Emperor within the crane Random to his body stabbed best toy fidget cube a few needles, spiritual power after the needle repair the damaged meridians. The injury is light, without the need for healing with the treatment, spent two minutes or so, Fan. g Zhongzhong and lively from the ground jumped up, ready to attack knot Hungary a figure like a lazy donkey roll toward him like, Fang Zhong Then the rookie also know that here can only be a companion teammate, knot bear best toy fidget cube a huge body can not roll so gorgeous. Red in the red face, such as paper lying in the room at the foot of the bell, seeing only the air out of the room, Fang Zhongzhong hands together, ten mysterious needle toward the red method of rolling away, with the mysterious needle Followed by official fidget cube thorn in the red body, Fang Zhongshu hear the system prompts that the injury in the formula th.e went to the place at this time can not let the Tang Man to follow, so helpless to stop, floating in the air Tang Manfei near, Fang Zhongshu some tangled, said Little Man Man, Daoye I was about to vent the fire, so you come with it, it is to let Ye Ye sex greatly reduced ah Tang Man thin taste of a house in the fidget cube gamer words, only to understand what the meaning of the crane is said that his face slightly hot, this damn crane, actually say so dirty words fidget cube in amazon but Tang is not willing to show weakness, a Their own proud of the weapon, with contemptibl. e look at Fang Zhongshu. Fang Zhongshu suddenly burst into tears, Nima, in reality, how can there be such a girl to molest yourself I hate the virtual game. Fang Zhongzhong bitterly cursed cursed, eyes are straight hook looked fidget cube net worth at the Tang Man of the pair of weapons, his mouth involuntarily said can touch it Bastard. Tang Man next to the piece of silk, such as fidget cube discount the snake like rolling up, toward the room to go straight to the case. Fang Zhongshu has long been aware of Tang Man turned his face faster than the book, the satin attacked when he turned over and over again, Chi feet out of the head, Chi the monster s mouth, the surging flood.

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